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7 mortal dangers of sending a text message

We’re living life on the edge with every single text.
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THOUGH THEY ARE really a relatively new method of communication, it’s hard to imagine our lives without the humble text message. 

It’s the handiest, quickest and most versatile method of getting your message across going. We love texting, don’t get us wrong.

But the text has a dark side too. It can cause woe, anger, pain and confusion in our lives. The text message is a dangerous beast and is not to be taken lightly. Here’s why.

1. Sending the text to the person it was about

Such a horrifying experience, that comedian David O’Doherty actually wrote a song about it.

Source: 69detachablepenis69

2. Writing one and forgetting to send it

This one causes strife among friends – it seems like you haven’t replied, and it can TOTALLY mess up plans.

Source: Hyde

3. Over-texting

Chill out. There’s no need to send 3 text messages when a phone call would do. And please put down the phone every now and again – especially if you’re having a real life conversation.

Source: The Meta Picture

4. Texting under the influence


Source: singleblackmale

5. Autocorrect nightmares

Can cause some pretty acute potential embarrassment.

Source: DailyEdge

6. Sending something inappropriate to a family member

That text wasn’t meant for you! “Mam” is just really near “Megan” in my phone book! NOOOO!

In fact, a lot of textual interactions with your parents can end in utter frustration or confusion.

Source: Blame it on the voices

7. Romantic woes

Texting is an integral part of the beginning of many modern relationships – and a complete minefield. When to text them first? Are you texting too much? Who always starts the conversation? Will your joke translate to text? ARGH!

Source: Brobible

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