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Crow which attacked 'up to 20 people' in Cork may have just been hungry
The bird had attacked several people on the campus leaving some in need of medical attention
QUIZ: Did these seagull attack stories actually happen?
How prepared are you for a gull attack? Let’s find out.
Think our seagulls are bad? Try being attacked by an angry owl
One US town has erected signs to warn of malicious birds.
Rod Taylor, star of The Birds, dies aged 84
Taylor earned a reputation as a Hollywood hellion, commenting in 1977 that he had “started out as a beatnik”.
A 'crazy crow' is tormenting the people of a Co Louth village
They’ve made a Facebook page for it. As you do.
Massive squadron of pelicans diving for fish is both fascinating and terrifying
Nature is amazing… from a distance.
Largest flying bird EVER (with a wingspan of 6.4 metres) found at airport
Its wings were so big that it wouldn’t have been able to get airborne easily.
Peace doves released by the Pope are immediately attacked by a seagull and crow
Tens of thousands of people watched in horror in St. Peter’s Square.
VIDEO: Our favourite little girl of the day
Look at all those…