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#the drama

Chrissy Teigen lightened the mood after Kanye tweeted screenshots of his texts with John Legend

John was trying to have a word with Kanye about all of those Trump tweets.

A complete run down of absolutely everything that's happened in #BloggerGate so far

It’s been a long few weeks.

Channel 4's 'Wife Swap: Brexit Special' was on last night and it was everything you'd expect and more

Including framed photos of Nigel Farage.

RTÉ aired an all-time classic Room to Improve and people fell in love with Mary all over again

The final episode of the series has been delayed.

Kim Kardashian just used Snapchat to call Taylor Swift out on her 'lies'

Celebrity rows have just peaked.

People are losing it over this teen's gas childhood diary she just found in her room

“I am done with boys. I want to kill all of them.”

The two strangers that got married live on radio have already split up

After three days, they both agreed that the spark just wasn’t there.

9 Fade Street memories everyone who ever watched the show can relate to

It’s back on RTÉ Player and everyone is a little nostalgic.

Grey's Anatomy kicked off RTÉ Two to make way for World Cup

Irish viewers will have to wait QUITE a while for the next episode.

Old men re-enacting YouTube wars take on hilarious Mandela argument

Are these commenters for reals?