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The Dublin Hangover Service has made its first ever delivery

All of the beige food please. And 17 cans of Fanta.

STILL A BIT ropey from the weekend? Could have done with ingesting a few more beige items yesterday?

Well that hangover delivery service they’ve been teasing us with for weeks now is on the cusp of going live.

Yesterday the very first Dublin delivery was made as part of a round of test runs.

Thirty people were given early access to the smartphone app for the last phase of testing, and this lucky lady got a bagful of nosh delivered right to her doorstep yesterday morning.

One happy customer with James Bull from DHS/(via Facebook)

She looks grand for someone who’s “dying”.

We were expecting something a little more like this:

The service and app will go live in Dublin next weekend. DHS creator James Bull previously told DailyEdge.ie that the iPhone app will operate in a similar fashion to the Hailo taxi app.

Hungover heads will be able to choose from a menu of items, both non-perishable and hot food. A €5 delivery charge will apply on all orders.

The service is expected to expand nationwide.

What would you get delivered? Let us know in the comments…

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