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'The Hun' is the hairstyle that is taking over the world right now

Why? How? When did this happen?
Aug 14th 2015, 6:19 PM 11,702 5

hun2 Source: Instagram

IT’S THE HALF-UP bun hairstyle that everyone on social media is sporting – and it’s called the hun.

It’s been seen on the likes of Margot Robbie, J Lo and Kate Mara – and it looks like this:

hun3 Source: Instagram

Writing about how popular this hairstyle has become, Marie Claire tells us its real selling point:

And the real beauty of this bang on trend look is how flippin’ easy it is to do! Seriously, anyone can nail this look – from Rapunzel to Miley Cyrus.

hun5 Source: Instagram

As Sugarscape outlines, it really is that simple:

Split the top half of your hair from the bottom, pull back away from your face and twist into a teeny-tiny top knot. Secure with a bobble. There. You’re done. Easy.

It seems like everyone is at it right now

thehun Source: Instagram

It’s all over social media especially

hun4 Source: Instagram

Get ready, the hun is here to stay

So, what do you think of the hun?

Poll Results:

It's cool (826)
What? It looks like a mess (825)
I'm just glad the term 'hun' is making it big outside of Ireland (727)

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