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The couple due to discuss their sex life on Irish radio pulled out at the last minute

If you’ll pardon the pun.
Jul 3rd 2015, 11:10 AM 6,517 3

YESTERDAY, DAILYEDGE.IE introduced you to Lynne and Peter, the Limerick couple who agreed to have sex for seven nights straight and discuss it all live on 4FM.

Lynne and Peter were due to begin their sessions last night on the Niall Boylan Show, but unfortunately, got cold feet shortly beforehand.

They were replaced at the eleventh hour by Suzanne and Gary from Dublin, who turned out to be well up for some sex therapy.

They’ve been married for 21 years and have five children together, and wanted to put some of the spark back in their sex life.

Speaking to Niall Boylan on 4FM last night, Suzanne said that they were very sexually adventurous (at their best, they’d have sex 20 times a week) until Suzanne got cancer two years ago.

It was a very hard time on Gary and he looked after me, and the kids, and work. We kind of got out of habit – I gained weight, I felt so ugly. When you’re on medication, it all means nothing. You feel miserable in yourself.

Sex columnist Anne Sexton advised them to try ‘pleasure-mapping’ on each other, which should help Suzanne regain some of her body confidence:

Something I want Gary to do is pay attention to every part of your body, from the neck down to your toes. After everything you do, Suzanne will tell you what she liked and didn’t like.

Listen back to Suzanne and Gary’s introduction here – they’ll be back to discuss how they’re getting on with Niall Boylan on Monday at 9pm. You might learn something…

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