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18 things that would happen if The Simpsons was set in Dublin

“Why ya little…”
Apr 10th 2016, 9:30 PM 13,679 8

simpsonscover Source: flickr

1. Homer would work for ESB because nuclear power just isn’t a thing here

powerplant The Poolbeg Towers Source: wikia

2. Instead of “eat my shorts”, Bart would mostly say “ask me bollix”

Bart-Simpson-relax Source: Whatculture

3. Back in the day, Marge would lead a city-wide protest against The Den because Dustin and Socky were just too violent

marge Source: wikia

She formed Dubliners for Nonviolence, Understanding, and Helping (DNUH) to address this scurrilous issue.

4. For a brief period, the Simpsons would move to Galway and Homer would work for a maverick entrepreneur

sector Source: supermac's

5. And Bart would be dropped back to Junior Infants because he doesn’t know what a fada is

simpsons_cursive Source: Wordpress

6. Lisa would get ridiculously cool for one summer when the family went to Tramore on holiday for a few weeks


7. Troy McClure would turn up to every single premiere at the Savoy out of desperation and be banned from the aquarium in Bray

troy1 Source: YouTube

8. Apu would own a fairly successful 24-hour Centra in Ballyfermot

maxresdefault Source: Ytimg

9. Homer would be the mascot for the Dublin GAA team – but he’d lose the crowd because of a questionable performance with Jedward at Croke Park

HOMERSIMPSON-GIGS-3 Source: Pastemagazine

10. Moe’s new restaurant would be shut down because it too closely resembled Eddie Rocket’s

a581527f37d2 Source: Radikal

11.Kirk Van Houten’s single would be called “Spare A Feeling, Buddy?”

borrowafeeling Source: Thebrag

12. Bart and his friends would strike up a rivalry with a group of lads from Navan, eventually going there to spray paint “Meath sucks” on a big wall

The-Simpsons-Season-6-Episode-24-32-5ddf Source: Recapguide

13. The whole idea for the LUAS would come from one visiting genius – who put Limerick, Donegal, and West Cork on the map

mono Source: wikia

14. Homer would enter The National Ploughing Championships and call himself Mr Plow

Mr-Plow Source: Geargods

15. Kent Brockman would front RTÉ’s Six One News and send the nation into a panic at every opportunity


16. Mr Burns’ son would be selling trinkets just outside Athy train station when he spots his auld lad passing

The-Simpsons-Season-8-Episode-4-10-3d48 Source: Recapguide

17. Lisa and Bart would face off against each other in a bitter local GAA match that would divide the family

960 Source: Onionstatic

18. And finally… Santa’s Little Helper would be a gift to the family after he continuously lost races at Shelbourne Park

3CV4cFZ8ttAl Source: Zimbio

Bless his bleedin’ heart.

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