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Quiz: Is this quote from The Simpsons or a Republican presidential debate?
The first debate between Republican presidential hopefuls took place this week – without Donald Trump.
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Morrissey accuses The Simpsons of 'hatred' after he is parodied on the show
A singer similar to the Smiths frontman appeared in the show’s latest episode.
Quiz: How much do you know about classic Simpsons?
Test your knowledge of The Simpsons with these questions about classic episodes.
The Simpsons ends using white actors to voice characters of colour
Characters including Apu and Dr Hibbert are voiced by white actors.
The Simpsons pulls Michael Jackson episode in wake of documentary on alleged abuse
The decision comes after allegations about the singer, which are detailed in a new four-hour documentary.
Let's talk about how my mother refused to let me watch 'Itchy and Scratchy' as a kid
She was afraid it might influence myself and my little brother.
Can You Match These Simpsons' Quotes to the Characters That Said Them?
This is for the die-hard fans among you.
The actor who plays Apu on The Simpsons says he's willing to step aside
“It just feels like the right thing to do to me.”
Hank Azaria says he understands why people are offended by the character of Apu in The Simpsons
Hank said he is happy to step aside to ensure development of the character.
Choose some food and we'll give you an old episode of The Simpsons to watch
We bring you love and an episode recommendation.
Explainer: Why is The Simpsons being criticised for its response to the Apu racism row?
The weekend’s episode addressed criticisms of the Indian character Apu.
Here's what someone served at a Simpsons-themed dinner party
Because you don’t win friends with salad, natch.
A word created by The Simpsons has just been added to the dictionary
It’s not d’oh
How Well Do You Know The Musical Episodes Of The Simpsons?
This quiz is a lot harder than you expect.
Here's our first look at Ed Sheeran's upcoming cameo in The Simpsons
He’s taking part in a La La Land parody.
Which Minor Simpsons Character Are You?
Just pray you’re not old Gil.
11 times Lisa Simpson was the hero every woman deserves
All hail the Lizard Queen!
14 wonderful Simpsons references spotted in the wild
Delightfully devilish, Seymour.
Can You Name These Ridiculously Minor Characters From The Simpsons?
Experts only, please.
12 of the most emotional scenes from The Simpsons
R.I.P. Maude.'s ultimate Simpsons quiz
Test your Springfield smrts.
A Simpsons writer revealed what happened *after* Milhouse's dad was fired from the cracker factory, and it's gold
One for hardcore Simpsons fans.
A chicken fillet roll review page has been set up on Facebook and they're making some excellent memes
Contains a hybrid of Martin King and Jean Byrne that you never knew you needed to see.
Can You Tell The Classic Simpsons Joke From Just One Scene?
Are you smrt?
20 things all Irish people born in 1994 will have strong memories of
Worrying about what would happen if you didn’t pass as 12 when you tried get into Spin.
A Dublin designer turned his colleague's plant into a brilliant Simpsons reference when he was on holiday
Leaf Bart, Leaf.
Every Irish household had these Simpsons magnets on the fridge in the 2000s
And many of them still do, no doubt.
18 things that would happen if The Simpsons was set in Dublin
“Why ya little…”
RTÉ's new weather lady just dropped a Simpsons reference into her report
You may remember her from such weather reports as…
Is this Simpsons character about to reveal he's gay to his boss?
It would surprise absolutely no-one.
Homer and Marge are splitting up
Ah here.
The Hardest Simpsons Quiz Ever
Don’t worry though, it’s only Seasons 1-10.
This guy wants to replace Harry Shearer on The Simpsons and his audition tape is perfect
Nailed it.
Peppa Pig has been bringing home lots and lots of bacon
This little piggy REALLY went to market.
12 classic Simpsons lines that would never have existed without Harry Shearer
They have infiltrated our daily lives.
Harry Shearer, the voice of Ned Flanders and Mr Burns, says he's leaving The Simpsons
Shearer has been one of the main voice actors on The Simpsons since 1989.
Harry Shearer just tweeted that he's leaving The Simpsons
The actor voices a rake of characters such as Ned Flanders, Mr Burns and Principal Skinner.
'Vote for Alan Kelly or you'll get a wedgie' - Paul Murphy won't let Simpsons reference go...
What did Nelson do to get dragged into all of this?
They were talking about Nelson from The Simpsons in the Dáil today
Yep, really…
The co-creator of The Simpsons intervened to save a gay Irish bull before his death
Sam Simon passed away yesterday.