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The 9 distinctive smells of Dublin

A breath of fresh air, indeed.
Feb 21st 2016, 11:53 AM 13,225 8

AS BEAUTIFUL AS it can be, Dublin is not a fragrant city. However, it does have some very distinctive smells.

Whether they’re nice or not is entirely up to you.

1. The scent of the popcorn from the Manhattan factory in Finglas


2. Food cooking in the Kingfisher on Parnell Street

DSC00116_large Source: ratemyarea

We don’t know why this one chipper has a scent more potent and enticing than all the other chippers in town, but it does. Yum.

3. General Liffey pong

So notorious it even inspired a lyric in Bagatelle’s Summer in Dublin, which has made it impossible to comment on the smell of the river without internally roaring “AND THE LIFFEY AS IT STANK LIKE HELL!”

4. The hops from the Guinness factory

You can follow it right to St James’ Gate. Depending on your feelings about Guinness, it’s either delicious or disgusting.

5. The smell of a packed top deck of a Dublin Bus with all the windows closed

BO, socks, maybe a sneaky fart or two. All preserved in the bell jar that is the top deck.

6. Moore Street fish stink

It always manages to smell much worse than you thought it did. Good old Moore Street.

7. The fragrance of freshly made donuts from the Rolling Donut stand on O’Connell Street

We’ve been known to cross the road purely to allow this enter our nostrils. Almost too good to resist.

8. The overwhelming scent of bath bombs emanating from Lush on Grafton Street

Not localised to Dublin, of course, but it has sure turned the stomach of many a shopper over the years.

9. And the smell of rubbish slowly boiling on a rare sunny day

Because we can’t just have a nice thing. Ah Dublin, never change.

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