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# The Temple Bar

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# The Temple Bar
The firm that runs Ireland's 'most photographed pub' pulled a €4m profit last year
The Temple Bar’s owners enjoyed a strong performance thanks to buoyant retail trade.
# ice bucket
Two lads do the ice bucket challenge while having pints in Temple Bar
We’ve taken it full Irish.
# pint prices
This Temple Bar receipt caused quite a stir in Ireland today
The Temple Bar pub is facing a lot of criticism on social media.
# Irish
Desperately Irish reaction to a broken pub tap
It’s pure fecked lads.
# pintposal
Man uses pint of Guinness to propose in Dublin
The right way to a lady’s heart.
# Big Brother
Roundup of St Patrick's Day as seen through the Temple Bar live camera
We watch the live cam so you don’t have to.
# beyoncé in dublin
Dublin barman spills the beans about what happened when he served Beyonce
We don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.
# beyoncé in dublin
Beyoncé enjoyed an Irish coffee in The Temple Bar today
Turns out she’s no different from any other American tourist.
# Winning
Irish guitar hero smashes world record after 114 hours of jamming
Dave Browne became a true guitar hero when he broke the Guinness World Record for the most time playing a guitar this morning.
# Guitar Hero
Irishman attempts Guinness World Record of playing the guitar for 101 hours straight
Dave Browne has begun his world record attempt in Dublin this afternoon and says the hardest challenge will be to stay awake for the next four days as he strums his heart out.