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Farmers warned to 'stamp' their farm equipment or risk losing it to thieves
Thefts can be traumatic for farmers and their families. Communities are advised to work with local gardaí and watch out for suspicious activity.
An Post agent who cheated pensioners out of their welfare with 'cock and bull story' avoids jail
Maureen Walsh had told welfare recipients that she didn’t have money at the time to pay them.
Tom Hardy catches 'motorcycle thief' after chase in London
The actor is known for his roles in action films such as Mad Max.
Man arrested at a Libertines gig with 38 mobile phones stuffed down his trousers
His pants were taped shut.
85-year-old jewel thief arrested - 10 years after swearing she'd retired
Doris Payne was arrested after allegedly pocketing a pair of earrings.
Man jailed for stealing a woman's handbag as she lay dying on a roadside
The woman had fallen from a bridge.
This robber met his match when his victim set about him with a rather large umbrella
The thief was trying to break into a beer cage in Nenagh, Co Tipperary.
A brazen thief stole an entire ice cream fridge while the store cashier was napping
Giving a whole new meaning to: “He’d sleep through anything.”
Elderly woman (82) robbed as she lay dying in the street
Irene Ditcher was struck by a lorry in Manchester.
Bungling thief tries to steal some booze, fails hilariously
*shakes head*
Naked burglar arrested after drinking alcohol in hot tub
The homeowners were not amused.
Thief fakes heart attack so his friend can steal toys
Nice try, but no.
George Hook gets his stolen credit cards back in mysterious package
The radio presenter’s briefcase had been taken from his car earlier this month.
Woman robbing Germany pharmacy distracts staff by spraying her breast milk at them
The perfect crime.
Bike theft could be a thing of the past...
… thanks to an ingenious locking system that uses the bicycle’s frame as part of the lock.
Grandmother chases off purse thief with mop and bucket
Wiping the floor with her enemies.
Thief caught after using an ice cream van as a getaway vehicle
Burglar armed with knife arrested after stand-off with gardaí
Gardaí said no one was injured in the incident and the residents of the flat were not home at the time.
Million euro paintings stolen in London in the 1970s have been recovered in Italy
The works are by French artists Paul Gauguin and Pierre Bonnard.
Thief hides stolen $35,000 watch in a very safe place indeed
Hint: It wasn’t in her pocket.
Thieves steal watches engraved with messages for deceased man's sons
Stephen Carroll passed away from cancer just two months ago and had left the watches to be given to his sons on their 18th birthdays.
London police search for Christmas tree thief
Scotland Yard says it is looking for a woman they believe took a small tree from a care home.
Thief twerks 'for an entire hour' before stealing packages
Everybody needs a warm-up.
Good Samaritan buys student new bike after spotting angry note to thief
All’s well that ends well.
Thief threatens to sue museum because robbery was too easy
Radu Dogaru is among six people on trial for last year’s spectacular three-minute heist from the Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam which stunned the art world.
Real life hero confronts bike thief and wins
If you’ve ever had a bike stolen, you’ll find this deeply satisfying.
Security guard tackles 'lone raider' in Dublin supermarket robbery
Gardaí said the man took some property from the shop and was confronted by the security guard, sustaining a number of injuries.
This is how you respond to an Amazon package being stolen
Especially if it only contained an ice cube tray and some coffee pods.
VIDEO: Phone thief feels the pain of a victim with martial arts training
She takes him down. All the way down.
Thief tries to steal woman's handbag and is immediately hit by a bus
Someone must have called the Karma police.
Woman assaulted 'a number of times' during Mayo break-in
Two masked men, both believed to be armed with knives, entered a house and asked the woman about the whereabouts of her partner.
Police in Belfast issue appeal after assault with baseball bats during burglary
Shortly before midnight it was reported that three masked males carrying baseball bats forced their way into a house and assaulted the two occupants.
Thieves pull off huge diamond heist at Brussels airport
The haul is estimated to be worth around €50 million.
VIDEO: Watching this pickpocket will make you check your valuables
Still got your wallet there?
Good Samaritans inadvertently assist robbery
New Jersey thief made off with $400 in cash and a gold chain.