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8 surprising things that influence how you taste your food

There’s a whole lot more to taste than… taste.
May 6th 2015, 6:00 PM 7,913 0

YOU THINK THE only thing that effects how you taste food is… the taste? WRONG.

1. The name

Ever wonder why some places hype up their meals on the menu? Because a ‘juicy steak’ tastes better than a ‘steak’. Things labelled lite or low fat trick the mind into thinking it’s healthier than it actually is, and therefore tastes worse than the original. However, adding the likes of succulent before a filet of meat increases perceptions that it is tastier than just a plain filet.

Then there’s just the plain pornographic…

Porny chocolate description, menu, restaurant, Stinson Beach, CA, USA Source: gruntzooki

2. Temperature

Warm glass of milk? No thanks. Scientists have found that taste is affected by the temperature of the food being consumed, so this is why beer gets more bitter as it warms up, and ice cream gets way sweeter.

maxresdefault Source: YouTube

3. Music

Listen to classical music while sipping a whiskey? You’ll probably find it a little sweeter than your neighbour listening to a brass arrangement. Scientists have found that, the deeper the note, the bitter the taste you get from your food. The same goes for loud music, which can overload your senses and blunt your taste. Hence why bad restaurants often have the most obnoxious music.

stock-footage-attractive-young-woman-relaxing-on-sofa-listening-to-music-on-headphones-and-holding-green-apple Source: Shutterstock

4. Colour

The darker the coffee cup can influence how bitter you perceive it to be, as well as the temperature. Scientists found that coffeee served in yellow and red cups taste hotter, while green and blue seem cooler.

green-ketchup Source: Wordpress

5. Smell

Well this one is kind of obvious, as anyone who ever had a particularly bad cold might tell you. Here’s a trick to get the full experience. Grab a handful of skittles, chew em up while holding your nose, then release your nose and get the taste infusion.

skittles-candies-pile Source: siempreenmedio

6. Preconceptions

Did anyone ever tell you that a wine was absolutely amazing, just as you were about to taste it? Chances are, it’s gonna taste better to you now.

70b214408abe11e3b908129a84f01860_8 Source: Distilleryimage0

7. Cutlery

Isn’t a slice of cake just nicer with a dessert fork instead of a big fork? According to a study by a team at the University of Oxford, the size, weight, shape and colour of cutlery all have an influence on flavour. For example, white spoons make yoghurt taste better and cheese is saltier when eaten from a knife.

Forks Source: rockindave1

8. Exercise

When your body is exhausted, you’re more likely to taste sugar in whatever you eat and drink. Many play it cool with the sugar energy drinks so.

drink Source: lokate366

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