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13 things Irish dads are guilty of doing

But still, we love them.
Dec 13th 2015, 9:30 PM 19,087 4

1. Passing things off to your mother

askyourmam Source: Flickr/quinnanya

2. Relentlessly discussing the reception on the new telly

114911713_9385d8dfa6_b Source: Flickr/horrortaxi

Or the camera on his new phone, or the amount of memory on his newest gadget. “Look at that! See how CLEAR that is?”

3. Disliking a particular TV presenter/news reader/sports pundit for no real reason

smr-main-image742 Source: Mediahq

Just “I don’t like him.”

4. Getting extremely put out when asked to give a lift

“Can you not walk? Can someone else give you a lift? Is there no bus? Where’s that bike we got you for Christmas in 1999? …No? FINE.”

5. Insisting on giving you driving lessons, then clinging to the oh-Jesus handle throughout


We appreciate that you feel it is your duty, but maybe you’d rather not?

6. Falling asleep in their armchair, then swearing blind that they weren’t asleep

shutterstock_9968830 Source: Shutterstock/Sakala


7. Asking if you’re “OK for a few bob”

catastrophe tenner Source: Channel 4

You could be a high-flying investment banker, but your dad will always be looking out for you. <3

8. Hoarding old phone chargers/cables/battery packs

BdsRgj0IYAAe62l Source: Twitter/@Trisha_the_doc

You never know when you might need them.

9. Sending one word responses to texts

dadtext2 Source:

10. But still leaving you long voice mails

tumblr_ms7lx7ij2B1qjt83xo1_500 Source: Tumblr

Dads: Single-handedly keeping this mode of communication alive.

11. Commandeering the making of a fry

Even if your dad isn’t really a cook, by god he’ll be doing the sausages and rashers.

12. Changing the channel during sex scenes on the telly

remotecontrol Source: Wikimedia

13. And making a complete show of you whenever possible

fVnav_1723936a Source: Thesun

The dancing. The jokes. The sheer determination to embarrass you in front of your other half. It’s almost as if they enjoy it?

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