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21 things everyone who grew up in Waterford knows to be true

Nov 8th 2015, 9:30 PM 39,669 12

1. Forget Moscow, this is the real Red Square

BwTBIRrIUAATC3W Source: WaterfordOnMap/Twitter

And it was the place to hang out in when you were 14.

2. You never tire of telling people that it’s the oldest city in Ireland

#weekend #chillout #irish #coastline #iphonephoto #travelphoto #travelgram #traveling #ireland #igers #ig_world #waterford #architecture #statigram #tweegram Source: stanekmichal

And you get a little bit defensive when people try to say that it’s not a city.


In your face.

3. Everytime you come home, there seems to be a new plaque

Like this one.

Or this one.

In fairness, they’re all pretty impressive.

4. But this is still your favourite commemorative plaque by a mile

BvLFWRYCIAEZe3j Source: Amy O'Connor/Twitter

We’re sure Brenda has fond memories of that day.

5. You can never walk past Greers without coveting one of their cakes

1174982_151317741742533_30512397_n Source: Greer's Cakes


6. And you dream of pizzas and ice-cream from Gino’s

Trip down memory lane today. Best pizza and ice cream in the south-east #schooldays Source: teevchris

Shout out to Gino’s for always allowing groups of teenagers to take over a table when only one person was buying ice-cream.


7. You’re pretty sure that sausage blaas contain some sort of medicine

CAvJwO7WcAEEl17 Source: David McDonald/Twitter

For there is no ill that they can’t sure.

8. And you won’t hear a bad word said about ‘red lead’

Bt84PBeIMAAC9yG Source: UCasadhLtd/Twitter

The king of foods and the food of kings.

9. Your whole childhood was spent tormenting your Mam and Dad to bring you to the amusements in Tramore

Source: _lunareclxpse

10. But you were perfectly happy when they brought you to Jack Meade’s

#walking #goat #donkey #forestwalk #august2015 #autumnleaves ⛅ Source: jennicunni91

#Guinness! #whoKnew?! Source: slavecar

Once they got you crisps and you were allowed to mingle with the goats and ducks, you were happy as a pig in shite.

11. And you lived for the Sunday night parade at Spraoi

Even if the floats were a tiny bit scary for your liking.

Spraoi 2015 parade on Sunday (in the pouring rain)... This year's theme: the three wise monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil... #Spraoiparade #Spraoiparade2015 #threewisemonkeys #artsfestival #seenoevilhearnoevilspeaknoevil #streettheatre #Spraoi2015 #spraoifestival #Spraoi #WaterfordCity #Waterford #Ireland #holidays #exploring #adventure #adventuresinIreland #wanderireland #monkeys Source: obviouslyemmy

And once you were a teen, you longed for someone to shift during the fireworks LIKE AN ABSOLUTE SAP.

#FocsArtificials al riu Suir de #Waterford #Spraoi #spraoifestival #Eire Source: joppcc

12. On a summer’s day, you would do anything for a 99 from Jaybees

Summer days with @original.emma. #99 #gapper #waterfordireland #icecream #yum #love #jaybees #sogood #delicious #adventuring #summer #sun #canadiangapper #gapperinireland Source: miriamenkel

13. You’re pretty sure Metalman is the nectar of the gods

Drinking on the school night Source: daria__su

14. You don’t even like Bluegrass, but you’ll be damned if you’re missing the Bluegrass Festival in Dunmore East

It's all kicking off here in #dunmoreeast #waterford #bluegrassfestival Source: mariaheatherx

Even if you know that getting a taxi home at the end of the night will be somewhat of a nightmare.

15. Waterford might not officially have a king, but if it did, it would almost certainly be this guy

John Mullane Source: Cathal Noonan/INPHO


16. Every summer, you convince yourself that this is the year Waterford will defy the odds and win the All Ireland

Austin Gleeson under pressure from Colin Fennelly and Kieran Joyce Source: Cathal Noonan/INPHO

And every year, you’re left heartbroken.

(But you’ll never give up hope.)

17. It makes your blood boil when you see this rock face painted black and amber

It should be blue and white, damn it!

18. Your heart expands a few sizes when you hear someone say any of the following…

  • Gallybander
  • Bibe
  • Shellakybooky
  • Haboo

19. Ditto when someone asks if you were “made in the glass factory”

Lot 51: Dazzling #vintage Waterford crystal bowls. Bid now! #waterfordcrystal #waterford #decor #homedecor #kitchendesign #interiordesign #nyc #interiors #crystal #antique #vscocam #vscocamgram Source: hayloftauctions

Waterford slang for, “Get out of the way, you’re blocking the telly”.

20. You know that “How do?” is an acceptable greeting

21. And no matter how long you spend away from the place, there’ll always be someone there to say “Well boy/girl!” to you and make you feel at home

Sunset over waterford city Source: jenwenisfab

How Waterford Are You? 

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