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14 realisations that will turn your world upside down

No, seriously. Your mind is going to be BLOWN.
Feb 8th 2014, 8:15 PM 108,330 123


Yet it feels pretty good to have your mind blown every once in a while.

1. Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows


Source: PA Archive/Press Association Images

No, seriously. None.

Source: EMPICS Entertainment

 2. And neither does Whoopi’s character in The Lion King…

Yep, still no eyebrows.

Source: Imgur

3. The €2 coin…


Source: ChugginMonkeys

4. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the same tune as Baa Baa Black Sleep

And also The Alphabet Song. And ALSO that Gotye song Somebody That I Used To Know.

Source: QuickMeme

 5. The Union Jack isn’t symmetrical

And flying it upside down is a distress signal.


6. Laser is an acronym

It stands for “light amplification by simulated emission of radiation”. And so is Scuba – it stands for “self contained underwater breathing apparatus”.


7. Tom Cruise has a front tooth in the centre of his face

Yep. Cruise struggled for years with his teeth, but the alignment still isn’t perfect. Difficult to un-notice once you see it. Sorry about that.


8. There’s an arrow in the FedEx logo

Whaaat? So there is.

Source: ChicagoNow

9. Do you have iOS7?

Have a look at your phone. It always shows the correct time AND the second hand on the Clock app is constantly moving.

Source: tuaw

10. Mario wasn’t hitting the blocks with his head

Look closer – he was hitting them with his little Italian fist of fury.



11. The clouds and bushes are the same in Mario

We’re reeling here.

Source: todayifoundout

12. There’s a bear in the Toblerone logo

When you see it…

Source: Savourbeer

13. Speak of the devil, this is the way you’re meant to break off Toblerone

Source: Imgur

14. The Amazon logo goes from A to Z

There are so many Easter eggs in logos. Who knew?


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