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14 things you'll know if you went to St Pat's

Filling today’s young minds with the love of learning… and county colours nights.
Apr 17th 2016, 9:30 AM 18,603 5

1. The BEd students and the BA students were two warring factions

Back at the scene of the crime Source: Instagram/frauaifric

BEd students think BA students are no better than Arts students. BA students think BEds need to stop complaining about the course they CHOSE to do. It’s thorny.

2. But they come together to hate on Marino

12049712_1185546121465343_7414921400198086598_n Source: Facebook/Marino Institute of Education


3. The male/female ratio was…poor, to say the least

Great if you’re looking for gal pals! Bad if you’re looking for a boyfriend.

4. O’Neills were always en vogue

I guess I had to follow the P.E trend Source: Instagram/thebluehybrid

Sure where would you be going wearing anything else?

5. And GAA was life

New season ahead #GAA #newboots #adidas #gaelic wolfhounds #oneills #ulstergaa Source: Instagram/mcgregor7106

A striking number of students have a hurl or a football on them at all times.

6. The 16 bus was and is the preserve of Pats students

#dublinbus #집구하기 Source: Instagram/potato199277

7. But the Friday evening exodus tested even the most patient of people

Gigantic kit bags everywhere.

8. The stress in the college around teaching practice time was palpable

Quicker this Irish thesis is out of my life the better Source: Instagram/coleyocarroll

The normally light-hearted atmosphere was shattered as everyone scrabbled to get their sh*t together.

9. DCU students always thought they were so much better

Well the joke’s on you, because now Pat’s IS DCU.

10. The Tesco across the road is the grimmest one in Ireland

Poorly laid out, badly stocked, and always cleared out of drink on match days. Not to mention the very real chance of death while crossing the road to get to it.

10. But you could always count on the Roma (AKA Peters) for grub

roma# Source: Google Maps

If they liked you, they’d sneak you a free dip. Bliss.

11. Quinns was the only place to be on a Thursday night

Niall Horan probably agrees.

12. Messy Mondays in the Big Tree were precisely that

528193_573579726041609_1391498701_n Source: Facebook/Big Tree Pub

13. And yes, everyone does enjoy a county colours night or three

231098_10150298356371102_5074960_n Source: Facebook/St Pat's Students Union

And proud of it.

14. But despite all the ribbing you got, you’re proud to be a Pat’s student

The quad looking well today #stpats #college #architecture #feckingclouds

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