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18 thoughts every girl has while getting ready for a big night out

“Why is everyone here so EARLY?”
Apr 24th 2015, 9:30 PM 12,393 5

IDEALLY, GETTING ready to go out is a relaxing, calming process that sets you up for the big night ahead.

In reality, that is rarely the case. Here are 18 thoughts every girl has had while getting ready for a night out.

1. I never asked if we were going fancy or casual. Damn.

2. Will everyone be wearing heels? *gazes longingly at flats*

youre-entering-a-world-of-pain Source: Wcdefenseca

3. There are at least 15 photographs of me wearing this dress on Facebook. Perhaps I should have bought something new?

Princess-Kristen-Wiig-Whatever-Reaction-Gif Source: Mrwgifs

4. *dances around in underwear for a solid 10 minutes*

dance-underwear Source: Wordpress

5. Sure will we have a glass of wine? We will.

giphy Source: Giphy

6. And now for the ultimate decision:

tanortights Source: UK Tights


7. *spends 20 minutes adding more songs to the night’s Spotify playlist*

8. Who would DARE come to the door at this ungodly hour?

tumblr_mt7muxS51o1shw9blo1_500 Source: Tumblr

9. “Err… Can you just hang around down here? I’ll be FIVE MINUTES.”

10. I lied. I will probably be at least 30 minutes.

giphy Source: Giphy

11. *dries and styles hair at a leisurely pace*

new-girl-sad-face-hair-curler Source: Wordpress

12. Is tonight the night I try contouring? Or a bold smoky eye?

tumblr_inline_mzijioU9TN1s4bi2t Source: Tumblr

13. …I look like a zebra.

alyssa-edwards-mirror-facial-expressions-rupauls-drag-race-gif Source: Dragaholic

14. Maybe I shouldn’t have drank while I was doing my makeup.

15. I have I feeling I may regret this outfit choice.

ladygagafrogs Source: Socialphy

But there’s no TIME!

16. What was it Coco Chanel said? Before you leave the house, take off the last thing you put on?

tumblr_inline_n9l5bfg6zA1rao90v Source: Tumblr

17. Nah Coco, you’re grand. I’m sure I haven’t over-accessorised.

MTV Video Music Awards 2009 - Arrivals - New York Source: Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

18. Right. I have wrestled with my hair, my clothes, my life choices; I am spiritually and physically broken.

Guess it’s time to go out!

giphy Source: Giphy

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