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The 17 greatest Tinder smackdowns of 2015

“Is that Ryan in your picture?”
Dec 23rd 2015, 1:00 PM 10,965 1

17. This vicious malware burn

Source: tendertalesoftinderfails

16. This medical emergency

15. This two-word perfection

Source: gabablua

14. This crisis response dispatcher

Source: kegz-11

13. This expert in viniculture

Source: Imgur

12. This unexpected twist

Source: @Late20somethin

11. This multi-layered grammar burn

Source: tendertalesoftinderfails

10. Adele

Source: Instagram

9. This literal-minded approach

Source: tendertalesoftinderfails

8. This incredible mid-pickup-line demolition

Source: Imgur

7. This neat detour

Source: Imgur

6. This long, long walk down Normal Bodily Function Street

Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

5. This murderous pun-on-pun takedown

Source: tendertalesoftinderfails

4. This attack-is-the-best-defence on Christian

Source: Imgur

3. This honest reply

Source: Imgur

2. This unexpected escalation

Source: Imgur

1. And this truth

Source: Tumblr

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