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7 reasons why Tinkerbell makeup was coveted by every Irish girl in the 90s

Remember that peel-off nail polish?
May 12th 2016, 9:37 AM 3,975 0

ASK ANY IRISH GIRL interested in beauty today, and her makeup obsession can probably traced back to Tinkerbell.

tinkerbell2 Source:

Tinkerbell play makeup was beloved by the children of the late 80s and early 90s.

It had basically everything you hate in makeup now – a small range of shades, poor pigmentation, and a strong scent – but back then we couldn’t get enough of it.

The packaging was like catnip to little girls

**Not my pic** Brb, just gonna go to the #80s real quick to pick one of these up and then come back to 2016 with a time travel haul. Source: Instagram/agsailorv

Fairies. Hearts. Stars. PINK. Mammy, pleeeease?

But your parents probably needed a lot of persuading to get it for you

Sooo, I found this unopened Tinkerbell makeup at an estate sale and nearly died. I vividly remember using my sister's Tinkerbell lip balm. I can still totally smell it. I remember the sadness of when I went into Longs and discovered they no longer sold them! I want so badly to open it but I'm not gonna- because damn, hella vintage. ✨ Source: Instagram/missjmatthew

“Sure what do you need makeup for? You’re six.” Reasons, Dad. Reasons.

The set was brought out every time you played dressup

tinker Source: Pinterest

No outfit was complete without some peel-off pink nails.

The SMELL of the products

$T2eC16hHJIIE9qTYM,6wBQ(iTEuRUw~~60_57 Source: BlogSpot

Think hard, and you can probably still smell it now. Plasticky, artificial, totally intoxicating.

The lipstick had no colour, but you still felt sophisticated wearing it

s-l1600 Source: eBay

“Excuse me, I am a WOMAN” – Five-year-old you, probably.

And peeling off the nail polish was more fun than putting it on in the first place

tinkerbell-malkeup2 Source: BlogSpot

But you applied it all sparingly, because you knew if you used it up, it was gone forever

Miss you and your delicious plastic scent, Tinkerbell. :(

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