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12 priceless tourist reviews of Supermacs

“It’s not cordon bleu.”
Dec 27th 2016, 1:00 PM 18,887 2

#Supermacks in #Galway......the calm before the storm.

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SUPERMACS IS A national institution. Garlic cheese chips and strawberry milkshakes?

*chef’s kiss*

But does it make any sense to non-Irish customers?

1. “Seriously, I could live off this stuff.” – Tom, Lombard, USA

ghs Source: Yelp

2. “I wish we had a Super Macs in NY.” – Lee, Corona, USA

suerpmvs Source: Yelp

3. “We had to eat something because we didn’t know if there would be food on the train.” – Celeste, Seattle, USA

cels Source: Yelp

4. “The Yankee global mega burger giants had better watch their proverbial asses.” – Jeffery, Seattle, USA

hd Source: Yelp

Sure when 'outside' Dublin it would be rude not to! #supermacs #limerick #wrkwrkwrk

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5. “No craic to be had.” – Logan, Sacramento, USA

log Source: Yelp

6. “Awesome when you’re drunk” – Tarah, Buffalo, USA

awes Source: Yelp

7. “I couldn’t even finish it (which is very odd for me.)” – Karena, Rockville, USA

gh Source: Yelp

8. “And the shakes?? Like unicorn juice.” – Heather P., Astoria, USA

hj Source: Yelp

9. “Made me slightly sad…” – Annie H., New York, USA

h Source: Yelp

10. “Let me start off by saying, I had quite a few pints and some whiskey before I ate here” – Bradley C., USA

bradley Source: Yelp

11. “its a funny concept.”

fasa Source: Trip Advisor

12. “It’s not cordon bleu.”

ga Source: Trip Advisor

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