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Liverpool's controversial bid to trademark name is rejected
The club’s chief executive Peter Moore admitted they had underestimated the level of backlash the application would prompt.
Adidas loses 'three-stripe' trademark battle in European court
The German sports brand’s design was not distinctive enough to deserve protection, according to the EU ruling.
McDonald's appeals EU decision to cancel Big Mac trademark
This is the latest round of the brand battle between McDonalds and Galway-based Supermacs.
Supermac's wins legal battle against McDonald's over use of 'Big Mac' trademark
Supermacs welcomed the decision from the European court.
Savvy Swedish entrepreneur trademarks Trump's mysterious "covfefe" for €370
“I hope Donald Trump finds out about this,” said 57-year-old Per Holknekt.
Kylie Minogue just SCALDED Kylie Jenner for trying to trademark the name 'Kylie'
That burn looks serious, can we get you anything?
YouTube stars apologise for trying to trademark 'reaction' videos
The Fine Brothers reversed the decision after a major backlash saw them lose hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
Taylor Swift applies to trademark 'This sick beat', world tells her to cop on
This Sick Beat ™
World's slowest penalty taker has become even slower
Jay Emmanuel-Thomas is slowly making a name for himself.
What makes a Rubik's Cube a Rubik's Cube?
A trademark court says its all about the lines on the front, apparently.
Apple's distinctive store design has now been trademarked by the EU
The ruling means that the layout of Apple’s stores are now registered as a trademark in both the US and EU.
Google tries to trademark the word 'Glass' but it's facing problems
The US Patent and Trademark office objected to the company’s bid saying the word glass was a “merely descriptive” term.
Candy Crush Saga makers trademark the word "Candy"
The company has approached a number of developers whose apps contain the word “Candy” asking them to remove it or prove it doesn’t infringe upon its trademark.
Gareth Bale is trying to trademark his heart shape celebration
Would you buy merchandise with the Welshman’s hands for a logo? No, us neither.
Why a Nike case could make retailers afraid to file trademark suits
Big retailers might have pause for thought should Nike lose the case in the US Supreme Court as a smaller shoemaker fights on to invalidate trademark.
7 colours that might get you sued in the US
Big business is very territorial about its trademarks – especially in the States…
You can't use this colour to sell chocolate in Britain any more
The High Court in London has given Cadbury the exclusive right to use Pantone 2685C to sell chocolate bars and drinks.
Apple settles $60m Chinese iPad trademark case
The US technology giant was involved in a long-running dispute over the iPad trademark in China, but the court said it was resolved “in a satisfactory manner”.
Apple may be forced to rename iPad in China after court ruling
A Chinese court says another company registered the ‘iPad’ name in 2000 – meaning Apple may be forced to rename the unit there.
Urban Outfitters still selling 'Navajo' clothing despite criticism
The clothing chain has come under fire over a line of Native American branded products – which are still available on its UK website.
Chanel sues nearly 400 websites for allegedly selling fake goods
The luxury retailer is suing 399 sites, saying they’re selling fake Chanel items.
EBay faces liability for trademark infringements and fake ads
A row between eBay and L’Oreal over the sale of counterfeit goods has found its way to the European Court of Justice.
Murdoch set to take the 'Sky' out of 'Skype'
The media Baron is suing Skype for trademark infringement.