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# Train Crash

This year
Tunisia train derailment kills two and leaves 34 injured
The accident comes 15 months after a collision between two trains in the south of the capital injured around 100 people.
Official links deadly Indian train crash to signal system
The death toll of the three-train crash currently stands at 275, with 900 injured.
One killed and 30 injured after train derails in the Netherlands
The double decker train was travelling from Leiden to The Hague when it struck a crane.
Police fire tear gas at demonstrators protesting over Greek rail crash that killed 57 people
15 people were arrested in Athens for violence related to the demonstrations.
Last year
Over 150 people injured in train collision near Barcelona
18 medical units were deployed to the area
Four people killed in train crash near German Alpine resort
Three helicopters from Austria’s Tyrol region have scrambled to the scene to provide first aid.
Five people killed in Hungary train crash after van drove onto rail
The victims were passengers in a van that drove onto the rail at a crossing.
At least 60 dead in DR Congo train accident
The train was a freight service which had been carrying “several hundred stowaways”, according to officials.
All time
At least 48 people dead and dozens injured after train crashes in Taiwan
A passenger train reported collided with a truck which had crashed onto tracks from a cliff above.
Two trains collide in southern Egypt, killing at least 32 and injuring dozens
The latest deadly train crashes comes as the country battles fallout from the Suez Canal traffic jam.
Two killed after passenger train derails near Melbourne
The train came off its tracks near the town of Wallan, around 45km north of Melbourne.
Three killed and over 600 injured after two passenger trains collide in South Africa
Rail accidents are common in South Africa, with 495 people killed on the country’s railways in 2016-17.
Death toll rises to eight in Denmark train accident
Sixteen others were hurt, but none of them suffered life-threatening injuries.
Seven killed and 46 injured in early-morning train crash in Turkey
The crash happened at around 6.30am near the Turkish capital Ankara.
One killed and 44 injured as landslide causes commuter train to derail outside Barcelona
Heavy rain in the area over the past few days could have caused the landslide, authorities have said.
Taiwan investigating train crash that killed 18 and injured 187 people
Among those who died, the youngest was nine years old.
11 injured in southern Germany as train hits trailer truck
The collision happened at a railway crossing in Sipplingen, a village by Lake Constance.
Train crash killing two in South Carolina 'could have been prevented'
Two Amtrak crew members were killed, and more than 100 people were injured.
Death toll from French school bus crash rises to six
Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said the process of identifying the victims was “extremely difficult”.
Six people seriously injured after commuter train hits freight train in Germany
The incident happened in the town of Meerbusch in North Rhine-Westphalia.
At least four people dead in train crash in southern Finland
Eight people who were injured have been taken to hospital.
'There was blood everywhere': Over 40 injured in Philadelphia train crash this morning
At least four people are seriously injured.
At least 36 dead as two trains crash head-on in Egypt
The country has a poor record of rail safety.
Man and three-year-old son killed as car collides with train in Netherlands
They had been taking part in a school outing to see baby lambs when the accident happened.
There are fears the death toll will rise after India's latest rail disaster kills 36
This crash is the latest in a long line of fatal rail incidents in the country.
At least one dead, over 100 injured as train crashes into station in New Jersey
The train failed to stop as it sped into the station, went up over bumper blocks at the end of the track and rammed into a wall.
At least four dead and scores injured after train derails in Spain
A dozen people were also injured in the crash.
Three killed after Belgian train crash
A fast-moving passenger train slammed into the back of a goods train.
One dead and several injured after Dutch train derails
Images of the accident show carriages lying on their side next to fields.
Ten dead and 81 injured in German commuter train crash
The accident, which happened near the spa town of Bad Aibling, is the worst on a commuter rail line in Germany in many years.
Photos show extent of devastating train derailment that killed dozens
So far 300 people have been rescued from the carriages of the trains.
Over 300 injured in enormous Johannesburg train crash
The accident happened as two commuter trains carrying workers home slammed into each other.
Philadelphia train deliberately sped up prior to crash
Attention has now turned to the train’s engineer Brandon Bostian. The Amtrak train was travelling at 100mph on a curve when the accident occurred.
Philadelphia train was travelling at above 100 mph before fatal derailment
The death toll has now risen to seven.
Swiss trains slam into each other during rush hour commute
Dozens of passengers have been injured.
Seven killed as New York train hits SUV at level crossing
Authorities said the impact was so forceful the electrified third rail came up and pierced the train.
At least 19 dead after train crashes into school bus in India
Some 18 children on their way to school have been confirmed dead so far.
Investigation launched after train hit by car at level crossing in Mayo
Th driver of the car walked away from the incident unharmed.
At least 57 dead, death toll still rising as train flies off rails in Congo swamp
The train crashed in the southeast of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Bodies are being being buried after being taken from the wreckage, as there is no morgue in the area….
New York train crash driver "may have nodded off"
Investigators say that it is still too early to know if human error caused the crash at the weekend.