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# Trends
Analysis: Where did Ireland's 25 tries come from last year?
The importance of the lineout and scrum is as clear as ever.
# Covid-19
Number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in ICU has fallen below 100
The number of people in ICU is a figure Harris said will watched very carefully over the coming weeks.
# throwback
6 beauty trends that (deservedly) died a death in recent years
Remember these?
# on trend
Beers, barbecue and booze-free cocktails: The insider's guide to the food and drink trends coming in 2019
Here’s what will be taking over city streets near you.
# Next Big Thing
7 trends that need to sweep Dublin now that doughnuts are on the way out
As they say, out with the old and in with the new.
# drug report
Young adults in Ireland are taking more MDMA and cannabis than they used to
The latest European Drug Report has been released today.
# trend
Analysis: Bridge passes proving key to unlocking Six Nations defences
Ireland saw the damaging effects of overhead passes last weekend against Wales.
# that's hot
12 trends from 2008 that should probably just stay there
Did you also wear a waistcoat over a t-shirt once upon a time? Welcome.
# Dublin Trends
The Doughnut Bubble
Currently there are in excess of 20 stores that have propped up around the capital with the majority having appeared over the past two years. Michael Lanigan reports.
# healthy ireland
Healthy Ireland? Over 20% of us smoke, 30% binge drink and 60% are overweight
A new report also gives an account on many of the lifestyle behaviours of the nation.
# squiggle brows
'Squiggle brows' are here, but people aren't convinced
Another day, another trend.
# leave it in the 90s
ASOS is desperately trying to make skirts-over-jeans happen again
No thank you.
# lunch crunch
Poll: Do you have a fidget spinner in your home?
What’s your take? Be honest.
# sperm brows
The 9 woes of every woman who overplucked her eyebrows as a teenager
Ah we were FOOLS!
# what a boob
Vogue says 'cleavage is dead', but women with big boobs say 'LOL, good one'
Oh sorry, let us go get some new smaller ones in Penneys.
# scoring machine
Analysis: Where have the All Blacks' 60 tries in 2016 come from?
We’ve studied each of the Kiwis’ five-pointers ahead of Saturday’s Test against Ireland in Chicago.
# Daft Report
Rents across the country at 2008 levels as housing supply hits an all-time low
Rents rose by 16% in Cork since last year.
# please stop
It's official, distressed jeans have gone too far
TOO FAR, we cry.
# Real Life
14 insane trends that actually happened in 2015
What a time to be alive.
# Google It
Hickeys, Charlie and UFC: Here's what we were all searching for on Google this year
“How to get rid of hickeys fast?” Really Ireland?
# holy smokes
What is the smokestack hairstyle and why is everyone going on about it?
All is explained.
# slidin in ya hair like
This new hair trend makes it look like you have tiny bean sprouts growing from your head
It’s the new flower crown.
# text trends
This guy sent a cropped image to creep out his brother and the internet followed
Try this at home.
# new rule
Couples suspected of entering sham marriages in Ireland will be investigated
The Registrar will now be able to investigate couples and report them to immigration services.
'Hangover make-up' is the new trend taking over Instagram
Please now.
# vontouring
'Vagina contouring' is the latest (and scariest-sounding) fanny beauty trend
Stop. The. World.
# bronde new hair
The 'Bronde' hair trend is taking over - here's why everyone's talking about it
It’s exactly what it sounds like.
# it's the pits
How armpit hair became THE trend for summer 2015
Seriously. Razors are out.
# seven facts
'7 interesting facts' is about to take over your Facebook feed, but everyone has the same problem
Oh yay, another thing you’ll be nominated for.
# fellow kids
11 times brands desperately tried to get down with the kids, and failed
Pizza is NOT bae.
# Meme
'Starter packs' are the latest craze on Twitter, here's what they're all about starter kit starter kit.
# bright idea
The Upgrade: How to get lighting right in your home speaks to experts about how to make the most of lighting in the home.
# gaffs
This week in the property market in 4 graphs
The statistical breakdown you should look at if you’re thinking of stepping onto the property ladder.
# Trends
A shop in China is selling the iPhone 6, and has a tailor to make pants pockets bigger
It’s obviously a publicity stunt – so, is it working?
# makeuptransformation
Now guys are tweeting their own hilarious 'makeup transformations'
# automated response
The chances of you following a bot account on Twitter is higher than you think
Although most of them do serve a purpose.
# So Hip
13 dedicated hipsters who need to stop what they're doing immediately
Please cease and desist with the penny-farthings.
# scarlet for the 90s
9 trends that should make a comeback immediately
Pogs, you can stay gone.
# Innovation
Amazon moves into wearable tech by launching dedicated store
The store also has a “learning center” which aims to educate those who aren’t familiar with smartwatches and activity trackers.
# noooooooo
#AfterSexSelfies are officially a thing and they are awful
Please make it stop.