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# trick
'I wasn't nervous at all' - The man behind football's most iconic penalty
Antonin Panenka’s technique has been imitated by some of the game’s biggest stars.
# double knickers
Lots of people didn't know about this trick for keeping fally-down tights up
It’s a lifesaver!
# crazy world
This amazing photography trick lets you see sound waves
What does the sound of a gun firing look like? Wait … what?
# Happy Meal
Tricksters pass McDonald's off as organic food, fool all the experts
McDonalds is delicious and you know it.
# jagerbombing
Bartender pours 10 J├Ągerbombs in the best way you've ever seen
Nailed it.
# how's tricks
Bulldog wants to show you his special party trick
It’s probably better than your party piece, in fairness.
# Barred
Fake bouncer chased off by angry door man
Ah now. He was only making sure they were complying with the law.
# stay dry
This puddle-avoiding trick will change your life
And keep your trousers dry.
# Trick or Treat
The top worst things to give trick or treaters
Raisins, monkey nuts, pennies, fudge, tooth picks – don’t ruin Halloween for kids this year by handing these crappy treats out.
# not magic
Keith Barry 'fully recovered' after passing out on stage
The magician lost consciousness from lack of oxygen, after his face was wrapped in cling film during an escape trick.
# Take a Bow
WATCH: Neymar embarrasses defender with new trick
The star demonstrated his characteristic silky skills during Santos’ 5-0 win over Catanduvense.