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Just 17 amazing photos from the Trinity Ball over the last 30 years

Beautiful in its own way.

TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT of the 2017 Trinity Ball.

And, just like the Leaving Cert results night, it’s a time-honoured tradition that press photographers are there to document the action.

All the action.

1. Like everyone having a good lie down on the grass in 2002

trintiy Source: Gareth Chaney/RollingNews.ie

2. And some just crashing for the night

trinity3 Source: RollingNews.ie

3. “Here, wake up, David Kitt is on!”

trinity11 Source: Gareth Chaney/RollingNews.ie

4. “You lads are missing out on Royskopp”

trinity21 Source: RollingNews.ie

5. There are romantic spots for a cuddle, and then there is *this*

trinity4 Source: RollingNews.ie


6. People used the railings sensibly back in the day

trinity23 Source: RollingNews.ie

7. And barrels

trinity7 Source: Gareth Chaney/RollingNews.ie

8. But really, it’s pure romance at the Trinity Ball

trinity33 Source: Gareth Chaney/RollingNews.ie

9. A time to shift

trinity6 Source: RollingNews.ie

10. And shift some more

trinity5 Source: Gareth Chaney/RollingNews.ie

11. Everyone shifting at the Trinity Ball has been captured on camera, in fact

trinity34 Source: Leon Farrell/RollingNews.ie

12. 4am: “You’re my best friend”

trintiy2 Source: Gareth Chaney/RollingNews.ie

13. 6am: “I am the king of Dublin”

6am Source: Mark Stedman/RollingNews.ie

14. There’s a high percentage of Converse and suit combo in the archives

trinity44 Source: Leon Farrell/RollingNews.ie

15. “Cos I’m misster Brightsiiiide” – every mid-’00s dancefloor (and now, in fairness)

trinity88 Source: Gareth Chaney/RollingNews.ie

16. Look at the state of that courtyard

scnee Source: RollingNews.ie

17. And finally… this scene from 1992 is like a Renaissance painting

rena Source: RollingNews.ie

Good luck to everyone tonight <3

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