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11 memories of Tripod anyone who went will recognise

Feel the burn.
Feb 6th 2016, 6:00 PM 9,625 6

14/02/2012. Three Music Venues Close in Dublin: Th Source: Sam Boal/

1. The stairs up to the place was an Everest of a climb that you were never in the mood for

14/2/2012. Three Music Venues Close Down Source: Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

2. When you entered, taking a left you brought you to the bar area with the weird circular leather seats

626_1_2 Like these... Source: Modernfurniturewarehouse

Square stools as far as the eye could see, too.

3. And swinging a left took you into the vast dancefloor area

waveform Source: Wave Form Facebook

4. Tripod was the one of the only places you knew that served “burn” with vodka as a Red Bull replacement

Burn-Top-10-Most-Popular-Energy-Drinks-in-the-World Source: Top101news

“Two vodka burns please”

You didn’t even question what it was.

5. But they also had Shark to go with it when they were out of Burn

shark Source: Wordpress

No Red Bull allowed. Ever.

6. There were odd little white couches dotted on the edge the dancefloor for some reason

rent-sofa-cayman-two-seater-2-germany-austria-switzerland Source: Furnitureleasing

Like, you could just sit on the dancefloor watching.

7. The smoking area was shared with Crawdaddy and was a massive complex featuring picnic tables and serious craic

Tripod photos Source: Yelp

With dodgy enough barriers.

8. Everyone claimed to be at THAT LCD Soundsystem gig in 2007

maxresdefault Source: Ytimg

The place couldn’t hold that many people.

9. In fact everyone had seen *somebody* “epic” play at Tripod down the years

dancefloor Source: Facebook

10. At some point, you would have seen a morto celeb knocking around the place

Miss Spin 1098 2008 Source: IanMurphy

They probably weren’t drinking vodka burns in fairness.

11. And finally… Aprile was the only post-Tripod chipper destination worth knowing

aprile Source: foursquare

And it’s still there.

Sadly, though, Tripod is not – and we miss it every day. Good times.

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