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# Troika
EU financial oversight of Greece ends 12 years after bailouts
Athens will now have greater control over its domestic economic policy.
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# factcheck
FactCheck: Did the German parliament approve the Irish budget in 2011?
Irexit Party leader and European election candidate Hermann Kelly claimed that the German Bundestag approved the Irish Budget in 2011 before the Dáil.
# Report Card
Europe raises concerns about lack of housing in Ireland
The European Commission and ECB say “recent price and rent increases have drawn attention to persistent housing supply bottlenecks”.
# smackdown
'We've a new Troika in town': Joan doesn't think much of the new party
The Tánaiste has been reacting to the launch of the Social Democrats yesterday.
# Quiet word
'Alexis, let me give you a piece of advice... ': Enda reveals what he told the Greek prime minister
The Taoiseach has been defending the government’s stance on Greece.
The Greek people have said no – so what's next?
Yesterday’s result will have inspired millions across Europe that the forces of the 1% can be taken on.
Greece has offered Europe an opportunity to redress a fundamental flaw
It is in all our interests to bind up the economic and political wounds of the past seven years.
# Your Say
Poll: Should Greece accept the terms of a new bailout?
Nai or oxi?
# Bailout
'What the Troika is doing with Greece has a name – terrorism'
“Why did they force us to close the banks? To instill fear in people. And spreading fear is called terrorism.”
It’s time to let Greece – and the euro – go
The Greek problem will never be solved within the eurozone. It’s time to let them leave the euro, default on their loans, and try to rebuild from there with the drachma.
What's the issue with Greece's pension system?
The main bone of contention in negotiations between Greece and its creditors has been how to resolve the pension system. But why is it such a huge issue?
# little help
Greece will accept the troika's bailout terms... but says it hasn't capitulated
Germany is still demanding the country go through with its planned referendum.
The Troika's negotiations with Greece shows why Ireland must do the right thing
Heavily indebted countries should have a transparent, independent mechanism to turn to when facing the possibility of not being able to repay debts.
# Greece Frightening
People are queuing for ATMs in Greece - but they can only get €60
Pensioners are also queuing outside closed banks.
# State of the Nation
Will this man tell us why taxpayers had to repay bondholders?
Here’s everything you need to know about what’s happening in Irish politics right now…
# We all partied
The government says it saved over €10bn by complaining to the Troika
Some people still think we could have got a better deal, however.
Greece proves left wing parties don't have a chance of delivering in power
They’re good at protesting and making noise, but they have no workable policies.
# greece lightnin'
Greece really, really wants to stay in the Eurozone after all
Syriza’s aggressive stance continues to soften in the wake of its loans being extended by the ECB
# Noonanomics
Greece should take Ireland's 'middle road' on debt - not the 'nuclear option'
The Finance Minister was interviewed on Bloomberg about the future of the eurozone and other things…
# Just not the same
'Greece has a major humanitarian crisis.... Ireland is in a very different situation'
Meanwhile, Michael Noonan says an extension of Greece’s bailout would be the subject of a Dáil vote.
# no pressure
It's crunch time for Greece's anti-austerity plans. And Germany is the biggest hurdle
The new Greek government is trying to kick free of its bailout terms.
# Crunch time
Greece is facing three massive tests for its debt plans today
It’s going to be a big day for the country’s new leaders.
# let's do a deal
Greece has come up with a swap deal to escape its 'debt slavery'
And it’s on the hunt for friends in Europe to back the plan.
# emergency cash
The ECB is threatening Greece the same way it did Ireland before the bailout
It’s threatening to end emergency funding if the Greeks don’t play ball.
# No thanks
Greece doesn't want to talk to the Troika - and is rejecting €7.2 billion in loans
But Angela Merkel is against a deal.
# Someone has to pay
'Greek people have a very unhealthy relationship when it comes to paying tax'
“Writing off debt means someone else takes the hit, in this case we’re talking about taxpayers,” Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes says.
Opinion: Greece has turned the page – it's up to all of us to write the next chapter
This election was vital – not just for Greeks, but for working class people throughout Europe.
# Hindsight
Not burning bondholders was 'significant flaw' of troika bailout: Central Bank boss
We did get stung a bit on the whole deal, Patrick Honohan says.
# Dukes of Hazard
This man warned that Ireland could end up needing a bailout... 30 years ago
State papers reveal how Alan Dukes warned his cabinet colleagues of the need to cut spending.
Opinion: The Banking Inquiry will help put the final pieces of the jigsaw together
The banking inquiry’s first public hearings get under way today and questions remain about what happened six years ago.
Opinion: There has been a shift in Ireland’s political climate... but why now?
Given the fact that we have been living through turbulent political times for the past six years, why are such profound shifts in political consciousness happening now?
Opinion: France flouts the eurozone rules Ireland was beaten down with
The French prime minister has insisted that “France must be respected, it is a big country.”
Opinion: Water protestors should claim victory and go home now
Good compromises exist when neither side gets all that they wanted, but something of what they needed.
# boys are back
The Troika have come and gone (again) and they're happy(ish) but won't talk about water
They’re out of town now until next spring.
# payback time
Ireland can offload a big chunk of its bailout debts early, thanks to Sweden
The government could have another €400m in the coffers each year now it has struck a deal.
Opinion: The Irish civil service is a genuine success story – other countries should follow our model
So much irrationality is directed at our civil service, including the dangerous notion of privatisation of functions, that the hard work of many decent people is overlooked.
# Report Card
'The IMF did not sufficiently tailor its advice to countries during the crisis'
An IMF internal review finds that some European authorities thought it was “inappropriate” for the IMF to be seated at the negotiating table.
# Third Secret of Fatima
Here's when we'll find out if that infamous Trichet-Lenihan letter will be released
The ECB’s governing council will consider releasing the letter at its meeting next week
# This Charming Man
Michael Noonan's going on a European charm offensive worth hundreds of millions
The Minister is looking to seal a deal for early repayment of our IMF loans, which would bring down repayments considerably.
# Debt Burden
The IMF says we can pay back our loans early - but what does that mean?
Early repayment could save hundreds of millions every year – but could also be a political minefield.