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Lions wing Van Der Merwe blocks out social media messages questioning his place
The South Africa-born Scotland wing says the messages also motivate him.
Ireland's Got Talent finalist 'hurt' by online abuse about Traveller background
“I actually felt more hurt for the younger generation that they still have to face this.”
The features of online hate speech in Ireland and why it's often not flagged
A DCU report said that there were two types of people who posted hate speech: those “versed” in it and those who just reproduce it.
Refugee targeted by trolls over selfie with Angela Merkel loses his case against Facebook
Posts have falsely linked the teenager with people who tried to set fire to a homeless man in Berlin last Christmas.
Lily Allen trolled and abused on Twitter over her baby son's death
She’s temporarily quit over “new levels” of abuse.
Lily Allen has abandoned her Twitter account after abuse over her baby son's death
She’s temporarily quit over “new levels” of abuse.
Poll: Do online trolls put you off using social media?
The company has unveiled a number of new safety measures following complaints.
Report recommends that 'revenge porn' and 'upskirting' are made criminal offences
The Law Reform Commission also said that anonymous abuse and online stalking should be included as forms of harassment.
Hackers post naked pictures, passport and driver's licence of Ghostbusters star to her website
Leslie Jones was the target of abuse on Twitter last month.
Twitter bans right-wing writer after Ghostbusters actor targeted by trolls
Milo Yiannopoulos was told his account is being permanently suspended due to repeated violations of the Twitter rules.
An American asked Reddit to help troll an Irishman, and they delivered
The only way to wind up an Irishman.
This guy is excellently trolling people with his photoshop skills
Top notch trollin.
Twitter is creating an anti-abuse council to help it curb online bullying
The safety council is made up of more than 40 different organisations to help it stomp out abuse on the platform.
This Today FM newsreader brilliantly shut down the 'brave man' who trolled her on Twitter
“I was trolled earlier this week by a guy who thinks I shouldn’t have a baby AND a job.”
This Today FM newsreader brilliantly shut down the 'brave man' who trolled her on Twitter
“I was trolled earlier this week by a guy who thinks I shouldn’t have a baby AND a job.”
Some people want to boycott the new Star Wars - because the lead actor is black
Some said the film represented “white genocide”.
Brendan O'Connor thinks that "cranks have too much power" over the Irish media
The former chat show host was on with George Hook today.
JK Rowling's perfect take-down of a Serena Williams hater is going viral
She strikes again.
Senator says cyberbullying bill could silence people like Mairia Cahill
Under the proposed law, a person could face 12 months in jail or a €5,000 fine.
3 Midweek Longreads: The man who was kidnapped and caged in a zoo
Longreads to savour or save.
Chvrches' Lauren Mayberry has spoken out about the horrific abuse she gets online
“These people will never learn that violence against women is unacceptable.”
Mario Balotelli has received 4,000 racist messages on social media this season
A survey has found that Mario Balotelli is the Premier League player most targeted by discrimination on social media.
'Man do cars, woman do cake' - Death threats for Sue Perkins amid Top Gear rumours
The presenter says some people have suggested they want her ‘burned alive’.
Ashley Judd is pressing charges against Twitter trolls over sexual harassment
The situation came to a head when Judd tweeted about a basketball match she was at.
Good news -- Twitter's CEO has vowed to start dealing with trolls
Comments come after last week’s episode of This American Life.
Weird Wide Web: Steve Jobs back from the dead, smart tree lights and Zoella tops Harry Potter
All of your essential tech and social media news for the week in one byte-sized portion.
Twitter is making it easier for you to report nasty comments
The website is also improving its system for blocking accounts – and this is just the first step.
This woman deals with rape-threatening trolls online by literally telling their mums
Her tweet is going viral around the world today.
Labour TD: Internet trolls are cowards and should get up to two years in prison
Seán Kenny is calling on Ireland to follow in the footsteps of the UK.
Woman hilariously trolls creeps of Reddit with a photo of her husband's bum
IT LOOKS LIKE BOOBS. (NSFW images inside.)
Internet trolls in Britain could get two years in jail
That’s under new government proposals outlined today.
This woman is turning mean internet comments into wonderful embroideries
Haters gonna hate, stitchers gonna stitch.
Men get twice as much abuse on Twitter as women
And they’re also the ones behind most of the abuse.
Twitter promises to change its policies after trolls attack Robin Williams' daughter
Zelda Williams was forced to leave Twitter earlier this week after receiving disturbing photos of her late father.
6 things we would never know without the internet
Are we trolling you right now?
Column: Making threats over the internet is a crime, but sometimes anonymity is needed
Before we remove the masks of users online, we need to look at both the pros and cons of being anonymous on the internet, writes Fergal Crehan.
VIDEO: How to win arguments on Facebook
NSFW language.
Column: If you read something offensive, don’t retweet it, report it
The future of the internet depends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter developing better protocols for dealing with offensive and potentially criminal postings, writes Dr Ciarán Mc Mahon.
Column: Why internet trolls exist and why they're unlikely to go away
Ciarán Mc Mahon writes on the theories behind internet trolling and explains why, as long as there is a free and open internet, they’re probably not going to go away.
Trolls beware: YouTube want you to comment using your real name
Video site YouTube has started asking users to provide their real names when commenting. Some of the reasons they allow you to give for declining prove interesting.