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# true crime
Murder in the Missions: The story of one Irish priest's kidnapping and another's murder in Philippines
A new book tells the stories of these two men who went to the Philippines to work in conflict resolution at a time when the country was descending into civil war.
# Top Picks
Addicted to true crime? Here are some retro documentaries to watch
Before there was Steven Avery…
# true crime
6 true crime series that will have you on the edge of your seat in 2019
The shows you’ll be binge-watching soon.
# Podcast Quiz
How Much Do You Know About True Crime Podcasts?
Time to test your wits.
# forensic psychology
Wicked, shockingly evil and despicably vile... so why are we so fascinated by serial killers?
A new documentary and movie about Ted Bundy are released this year, joining a number of murder-focused programmes viewers are lapping up.
# Netflix
Here's everything we know about the Making A Murderer sequel
As well as what’s happened in the case since.
# Podcast Binge
8 true crime podcasts you should sink your teeth into that aren't Serial
We’ve got you covered.
# central park five
Meet the cast of Central Park Five, your next Netflix true crime obsession
The mini-series will be directed and written by Ava DuVernay.
# weirdo
Let's talk about the way... I used morbid crime documentaries to nod off at night
‘Talk of mass murder buzzing in my ears.’
# Timothy J. Dowd
Son of Sam: The Irish-American cop who led the hunt for the New York serial killer
The ‘Son of Sam’ murdered his first victim in the summer of 1976. The manhunt that followed gripped the world.
# True Crime/Uncovered
Snapchat is releasing an original true crime series that sounds quite compelling
The social media giant has decided to venture into the genre.
# serial
7 things that will only irk you if you're mad for true crime cases
You know what we’re talking about.
# mindhunter
Addicted to Criminal Minds? You'll be bet into this new Netflix detective series
If you love all that criminal psychology, you’ll love this.
# they walk among us
7 podcasts to listen to if you're a true crime obsessive
Find your next addiction.
# the keepers
Netflix's new true crime doc The Keepers has arrived just in time to binge this weekend
It investigates the case of Sister Cathy Cesnik, who was murdered in Baltimore in 1969.
# Tv reconstruction
US TV recreates Graham Dwyer murder case
Dwyer was sentenced to life for the murder of Elaine O’Hara.
# true crime
11 true-crime documentaries to watch after you're done with Making a Murderer
If you’re having Making a Murderer withdrawals here’s a few to sink your teeth into.