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Last year
Love Island final airs tonight as show hits 12.1 million streams on Virgin Media Player
Among the final contestants is Irishman Dami Hope who has coupled up with Indiyah Pollack.
# sally rooney
Conversations With Friends' stars on Sally Rooney, love affairs and difficult characters
We caught up with Alison Oliver, Joe Alwyn, Sasha Lane and Jemima Quirke to chat about the making of the new series.
All time
# Cancelled
‘Hunted’ Jeremy Kyle diagnosed with anxiety disorder after show axed
The programme, which had been a regular fixture in the TV schedule since 2005, was pulled in 2019.
# Sex Scandal
Monica Lewinsky producing latest American Crime Story series on Bill Clinton's impeachment
Earlier editions of American Crime Story focused on the cases of OJ Simpson and the murder of Gianni Versace.
# nowhere fast
Alison Spittle on sexism, friendship, and how the midlands made her funny
We talked to the comedian about her brand new TV show, which debuts tonight.
# Mr Mercedes
Brendan Gleeson is winning rave reviews in the US for his starring role in Stephen King's new TV show
And it’s creepy AF.
# despreh'
9 memories from when the whole country was obsessed with Desperate Housewives
Ah, the gals <3
# old school
Name The Nostalgic '00s TV Show From Just One Shot
Way back when.
# sally jessy raphael
11 trashy TV talk shows we all watched growing up for some reason
A pure steaming pile of hot trash.
# Accident
Bradley Wiggins breaks leg on TV show
A spokesman for producers Channel 4 confirmed that the former Team Sky cyclist was pulling out.
# Pastures new
Bradley Wiggins signs up for TV show following retirement from cycling
The 36-year-old is following in the footsteps of British sporting greats including Steve Redgrave.
# Not happening
'They were crying on the bus home': Students upset after being cut from TV3 Toy Show
The pupils spent six hours waiting to go on air, and didn’t realise they were cut prematurely until afterwards.
# flashy girl from flushing
The Nanny needs to be added to Netflix right now
She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens….
# that extra slice
Someone actually made the Moistmaker sandwich from Friends, and it's FILTHY
# the crown
The Crown is the new Netflix drama all Downton Abbey fans need in their lives
Let it fill that historical drama-shaped hole in your life.
# Quiz
Can you tell the Friends joke from just one scene?
Could you *be* a bigger Friends fan?
# exeter cathedral
Louisa was back on First Dates last night, and finally found her match
*victory dance*
# geat setpectations
7 mountains Ray D'Arcy needs to climb tomorrow night
No pressure.
# The Avengers
The star of one of the sixties' most famous TV shows has died
Patrick Macnee, who played secret agent John Steed, has died aged 93.
# autumn allen
A talk show tricked a teen into thinking she'd be reunited with her estranged mam
Teen singer-songwriter Autumn Allen hasn’t seen her mother since she was six years old.
# ser snoop
Snoop Dogg thinks Game of Thrones is based on real history
Ah Snoop. No, Snoop.
# damn fine coffee
Actor Kyle MacLachlan will return to Twin Peaks for new miniseries
The owls are not what they seem.
# the box
What was your favourite TV series this year?
Tell us.
# Fitz and giggles
So what is Davy Fitz laughing at?
Answers on a postcard or in the comment section.
# valar morghulis
All four seasons of Game of Thrones, summed up in one amazing video
# litchfield prison
Orange Is The New Black: A handy guide to the show everyone's talking about
Or, indeed, pretend to know what everyone’s talking about in the pub tonight. Either works.
# where was miriam?
Jordanian TV debate gets so angry, the panellists destroy the studio
How about that, Prime Time?
# box set binge
This Post Will Decide Your Next TV Box Set
How to follow up True Detective, House of Cards, Sherlock and more of this year’s most-talked about TV shows.
# Jack's Back
Finally! A gawk at the new series of 24
The hit show returns with a new mini-series in May.
# amber alert
People are really angry about the phone storyline in Amber
There are some spoilers up in here. Beware.
# down to the wire
The Wire/Haim mashup you've all been waiting for is here
You’re listening to The Wire, while watching The Wire. Wire-ception.
# winter is coming
You can now make your own Game of Thrones-themed Christmas decorations
Represent your favourite GoT house with a beautiful cut-out snowflake.
# Off gallivanting
Irish mammies are getting their own TV show (sort of)
Well, just one Irish mammy.
# slow and steady
Meet the Sloths is the TV series about sloths you've been waiting for
And in the meantime you can watch them on a web cam!
# home and a rae
What can we expect from At Home With the Healy-Raes?
Caps, beashts and bangin’ tunes.
# no filtah
6 Rich Kids of Instagram we want to see in the new TV show
Yes, the world’s most puke-inducing blog is being turned into a talkie.
# Netflix
7 reasons why you should be watching Orange is the New Black
Orange is the New Black is the new black.
# paper power
The apartment from Friends is now an amazing paper model
You’ll never look at the show the same way again.
# Friends Forever
11 things we still miss about Friends
We still miss everyone at Central Perk and don’t care who knows it.
# liar liar danny dyer
Rubberbandits set to hit Channel 4... here's a taster
That Danny Dyer is SUCH a liar…