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# Twin Peaks
Number of twins being born at 'all-time high', researchers say
Researchers are citing the rapid rise in medically assisted reproduction as a major factor.
# ambitions
Ed Byrne driving on with Leinster as twin brother Bryan settles in Bristol
The 26-year-old Carlow men have been split up for the first time in their careers.
# Special Needs
Taoiseach says minister will intervene in Bolger family case after RTÉ Prime Time programme
Gillian Bolger and Darren Milne spoke about the struggles they have faced in getting their eight-year-old twins into suitable school.
Conjoined twin girls separated in London after 55 hours of surgery
Only one in every 2.5 million births produces conjoined twins.
# twinning
Two of the four identical calves born in Co Clare in 2017 are now expecting twins
The odds of four identical calves born are estimated at around a billion to one.
# a happy pair
'It's remarkably efficient working with a twin - but I wish there were more of us'
Happy Pear’s Stephen Flynn also talks about why failure is ‘fabulous’.
# Double trouble
18 things that'll only make sense if you're a twin
We don’t have a telepathic connection. Well, maybe we do a little bit.
# Twins
People are very confused by this new Kurt Cobain mural that doesn't look like him
# Settlement
Madonna settles claim with Mail Online after it revealed details of her adoption of twins from Malawi
The singer had sued Associated Newspapers over the story, which appeared last January.
# growing by two
Beyoncé and Jay Z have welcomed their twins, and are absolutely 'thrilled'
The new babies are siblings to the couple’s daughter Blue Ivy, who is five years old.
# hurry tf up
People on Twitter are convinced that Beyoncé could be giving birth right now
Why is she doing this to us?
# the clooney twins
George and Amal Clooney have had their twins, and George is already cracking dad jokes
Ella and Alexander Clooney were born this morning. D’aww.
# Twins
Drake and Simon Harris were born one week apart - here's how their lives have panned out so far
October 17th 1986: Simon Harris is born. October 24th 1986: Drake is born.
# Twins
A complete history of Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood looking the exact same
The joke that just won’t die.
# glam mam
George and Amal Clooney are the latest celebrity couple to be expecting twins
There’s something in the water, guys.
# permission granted
Madonna felt "compelled" to adopt twins from Malawi orphanage
Some activists have criticised her for allegedly bending the rules.
# beymaculate conception
16 of the greatest reactions to Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement
“beyonce gone have 3 kids….. destiny’s child.”
# making history
Quads, triplets and twins born in quick succession at Limerick maternity hospital
The first set of quadruplets born in Limerick in 50 years arrived in October.
# Tragedy
Three-year-old girl dies in car crash in Limerick
The girl’s twin brother was also injured in the incident but his condition is described as stable.
# death at sea
Premature twins recovering after being rescued from rubber dingy: 'They were so small and so cold'
“I was expecting normal newborns but they were much smaller…I was very surprised when I saw them.”
# Mediterranean
Newborn twins among 3,000 rescued from rubber boats at sea
Nearly 6,500 people risked their lives to cross the Mediterranean Sea on Monday.
# billionairess
The incredible life of Margarita Louis-Dreyfus - one of the world's richest women
She’s worth close to €6 billion. And last week she gave birth to twins at the age of 53…
# Rare
Tests show twins have different fathers after husband became suspicious one looked different
One of the twins has thick, wavy hair while the other has thin, straight hair.
# Pennsylvania
Teacher accused of giving two students the same sexually transmitted disease
25-year-old Chelsea Lorson stands accused of knowingly infecting two of her students, who are brothers.
# Kansas
Sonogram shows dying twin holding his unborn sister's hand
Ian and Brittani McIntire’s unborn baby son has a hole in his heart and problems with the development of his brain.
# where's dad
This baby got super confused when he was babysat by his dad's twin
The resulting video has been watched millions of times on Facebook.
# wtaf
These two Irish women look so alike they took a DNA test to prove they aren't related
# New Arrivals
53-year-old Swiss billionaire pregnant with twins
She only plans to take a few weeks off work.
# New Year
These San Diego twins were born in different years
“It’s very unusual and it’s very special.”
# salpa
Georgia Penna has denied reports that she adopted her twin boys
The model says she’d like to keep her new sons ‘private’.
# cat melodeon
This man hilariously recreated his sister's Instagram photos with cats
# uncanny
Two men sat next to each other on a flight to Ireland and realised they were doppelgangers
What are the odds?
# uncanny
Two men sat next to each other on a flight to Ireland... and realised they were doppelgangers
WHAT are the odds?
# lookalikes
A Wexford student found her complete doppleganger on a college exchange
This is spooky.
# bean there done that
This lad is the absolute spit of Mr. Bean and he's totally owning it
# twin telepathy
Watch these giddy twins 'fall asleep' the second they hear their mam's voice
# twin trouble
This fed-up mother of twins had a novel solution to silence prying strangers
“Conceived by f**king”.
Why are A LOT more twins and triplets being born in Ireland?
There has been a 36% increase in the number of twins born in Ireland over the period of a decade.
# twin strangers
Remember the Irish woman who found her doppelganger? She's just found another one
This is getting freakier and freakier.
# seeing double
This baby met his mam's twin for the first time and got hilariously spooked
OK, which one of you is my real mam. FESS UP.