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Twitter went nuts at a random English model named Marcello after Brazil's own goal

Oh, Twitter. When will you learn?
Jun 13th 2014, 9:49 AM 12,942 1

BRAZILIAN LEFT-BACK Marcelo Vieira scored an own goal in the 11th minute of the opening game of the World Cup against Croatia last night.

Of course, Twitter wanted to heap abuse on the hapless defender. That’s what Twitter does.

However, instead of tweeting @12MarceloV, many chose to hurl insults at an English model who happens to occupy the handle @Marcello.

Some were genuinely amazed at the player’s power to tweet (and in English!) while also playing on the pitch.

Eventually, Marcello (the model guy) was forced to issue a public service announcement.

His frustration grew as the night wore on.

Poor Marcello.

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