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Just 14 truly enjoyable typos

“Best Actress in a Leading Roll.”

The 27 most unfortunate typos of all time

For everyone who thrusts in Jesus and loves the smell of incest.

The 17 tweets that failed the hardest in 2015

Good writtens to everyone who hates us cause they anus.

'Anal' is the worst Irish misspelling ever, and so many people are doing it


11 people who need to give up social media for Lent

It’s time.

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Are you a sex attic?

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ISIS are advancing on what now?

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It would only have taken a minute.

12 unintentionally hilarious items from the 'corrections' column

We all make mistakes.

The very best of the Garda Traffic Twitter account Road Rage

The very best of the Garda Traffic Twitter account

As well as being useful, it’s surprisingly entertaining…

The 11 most unfortunate Twitter typos of all time

Don’t take spelling for granite.

17 people who need to spellcheck their Facebook status

Pity these poor individuals.

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Glorious, glorious mistakes.

16 signs that really shouldn't be spelled wrong

Spelling: it’s impotent.

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From The Evening with added raccoon called Rocky Need To Know

The Evening with added raccoon called Rocky

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