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Poll: Do you believe in UFOs?
A new film about the often little green men is due out next week.
# unidentified flying objects
Pentagon reveals increasing number of UFOs reported in past 20 years
“We’ve made no assumptions about what this is or isn’t,” the deputy director of US Naval intelligence said.
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# Your Say
Poll: Do you believe that alien life exists?
A landmark US government report on UFO sightings said most could not be explained.
# let's get down to quizness
Quiz: How much do you know about UFOs?
Test your knowledge of the world’s close encounters with the third kind.
# What in tarnation
25 things Irish people just do not understand about America
Contains the world’s most painfully embarrassing promprosal.
# gorey goings on
Gardaí found themselves chasing a UFO around the streets of Wexford
Stranger things happening in Wexford.
# the rendlesham forest incident
Christmas lights: The inside story of one of the world's most notorious UFO sightings
Three decades on, talks to the man at the centre of the Rendlesham Forest incident, Christmas 1980.
# Foo Fighters
The Irish government were briefed on flying saucers in 1950
The letter came from the embassy in Washington.
# so sorry
The Sun has just issued this apology...
No comment.
# aliens
New poll says Obama better than Romney… at dealing with alien invasion
36 per cent of American believe in UFOs – but only 2 per cent would try to harm an alien if they invaded.
'Dead alien' found in Siberia: Video
Conspiracy theories have been sparked after a local man filmed what is claimed to be the body of a dead extraterrestrial.