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The 7 stages of giving up on your umbrella today

So much rage.

HOW MANY OF you are currently suffering with extreme umbrella rage?

You’re not alone. And if you gave up and shoved your useless rain protector in a bin this morning, you’re even less alone.

Here are the stages of giving up on your umbrella…

Good intentions

You splashed out €25 on that swanky umbrella and it promised you the sun, moon and stars.

You’ll be damned if you’re going to forget it.

umb Source: Shutterstock.com


You forgot it. Of course you did.

Despite giving your self a pep talk about bringing it with you, you will inevitably forget it/realise that you’ve lost it/realise that some louser stole it on you.

rage Source: Audrey Un Riz/Flickr

Giving in

You buy another one. Of course you do.

dunnes Source: journal-emer

Other people rage

Other people + umbrellas = motive for homicide.




True Grit

Some people battle on, making the most of what they’ve got.


True rage

But sometimes, you just have to give in…

stroke Source: Jon Jordan/Flickr


And say goodbye to an old friend…



Godspeed, umbrella friends


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