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The 7 stages of giving up on your umbrella today

So much rage.
Feb 3rd 2014, 12:38 PM 2,824 2

HOW MANY OF you are currently suffering with extreme umbrella rage?

You’re not alone. And if you gave up and shoved your useless rain protector in a bin this morning, you’re even less alone.

Here are the stages of giving up on your umbrella…

Good intentions

You splashed out €25 on that swanky umbrella and it promised you the sun, moon and stars.

You’ll be damned if you’re going to forget it.

umb Source:


You forgot it. Of course you did.

Despite giving your self a pep talk about bringing it with you, you will inevitably forget it/realise that you’ve lost it/realise that some louser stole it on you.

rage Source: Audrey Un Riz/Flickr

Giving in

You buy another one. Of course you do.

dunnes Source: journal-emer

Other people rage

Other people + umbrellas = motive for homicide.




True Grit

Some people battle on, making the most of what they’ve got.


True rage

But sometimes, you just have to give in…

stroke Source: Jon Jordan/Flickr


And say goodbye to an old friend…



Godspeed, umbrella friends


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