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'It’s uncomfortable and I feel sorry for them' - Guardiola on Chelsea
Sanctions have cast uncertainty over the immediate future of the Blues.
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Melbourne 'maggot-fame hotel' at centre of Djokovic vaccine saga
The nine-time Australian Open champion has been stripped of his entry visa by border control agents.
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How this conversation between Maeve Higgins and Des Bishop illustrates the obstacles facing women in comedy
“Who knows how many women were discouraged from pursuing comedy after experiencing sexism?”
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7 situations bound to make every Irish person uncomfortable
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9 essential lessons from the world's worst couple photos
Just be glad this isn’t you. Be glad.
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Does this photo of dried ink make you uncomfortable?
Look at it up close.
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Drunk guy falls asleep in the most awkward position EVER
How? HOW is this possible?
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11 of the world's most awkward social situations
This is where uncomfortable lives.
# lift trauma
11 reasons being in a lift is the most awkward thing ever
Being in a lift is just dreadful.
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17 old photos of strange and uncomfortable women’s underwear
The bra turns 100 this year. Here are some of the awkward, impractical, unusual and ill-advised varieties of nethergarment worn in that time.
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VIDEO: This is how men throw with the other hand
Probably the most poignant, moving video you’ll see today.
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11 uncomfortable facts about how your IQ affects your life
How does your IQ affect your life? From holidays to junk food, we take a look at the latest theories.