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August 2023
UNICEF sounds alarm on 8,000 child cholera cases in DR Congo
‘If urgent action is not taken within the next months, there is a significant risk that the disease will spread to parts of the country that have not been affected for many years’.
This year
Confidence in childhood vaccination fell in Ireland during the Covid-19 pandemic
A new UNICEF report found that the public perception of the importance of vaccines for children declined in 52 out of 55 countries studied.
Last year
At least eleven children killed in Myanmar junta attack on village
Myanmar has been ruled by a military junta since a coup triggered mass peaceful protests nationwide.
Recent decline in childhood vaccinations reaching crisis point, UN says
24.7 million children missed their first dose of the measles vaccine, while 3.5 million missed the first vaccine for HPV.
'I've seen people getting killed in front of my eyes'
Refugees Tareq Altorok and Inza Bamba, who both represented Ireland at the Unity Cup this week, chat to The42.
Russian journalist raises $100 million in auction for Ukraine by selling Nobel Prize
In a speech yesterday he hailed the persistence of journalists as an important check on governments.
Record 9.3 million Syrian children in need of aid, says UN
The United Nations has warned that funding to aid victims of the civil war in Syria is dwindling.
All time
Irish people donate over one million vaccines to world's poorest countries
“We have been simply blown away by the incredible gratitude and solidarity for others that people in Ireland have shown.”
Unicef: Ireland one of the most expensive countries for childcare as half of salary is average cost
Ireland is in line with other rich countries such as Switzerland and New Zealand in the cost to care for two children.
Jacob Rees-Mogg accuses Unicef of 'stunt' for campaign to feed UK children
Unicef said it will supply thousands of breakfast boxes over the two-week Christmas school holidays.
Over a quarter of Irish children and adolescents say they do not have a high satisfaction with life
Ireland placed 26th in a ranking of mental health concerns for children and adolescents.
Over 117 million children at risk of missing out on measles vaccine due to pandemic
Vaccination campaigns have been postponed in 24 countries to help prevent further spread of Covid-19.
'I feel as though I am dead but in a living body': The mental health toll of life as a refugee
Syrian refugees in Lebanon have shared their experiences with
'We're showering twice a day': Concerns over 'disastrous' consequences Covid-19 could cause in refugee camps
NGOs have warned that self-isolation is virtually impossible in refugee camps and informal settlements.
Over 300 children and teens died every day from AIDS-related causes in 2018
That’s according to a new Unicef report published today.
Irish measles cases rise over 200% as experts blame increase on misinformation about MMR vaccine
A new report has revealed that global rates of the disease are on the rise.
Another measles outbreak confirmed, this time in north Dublin
There have been five cases since the start of February.
Babies born in Ireland in 2019 can expect to live until 2101
Ireland is one of only 28 countries where 2019 babies will likely live until the 22nd century
Homeless and Traveller children 'falling through gaps' in education system
Ireland is one of the best countries in terms of reducing education inequality, but concerns have been raised about vulnerable children.
'Violence not a lesson any child should learn': Nearly half of Irish teens witness bullying in school
And almost three in 10 had been bullied themselves.
'Vulnerable to abuse': Children account for almost one-third of trafficking victims
Some boys fail to come forward for help due to gender stereotypes, Unicef has said.
'The fight is far from over': A teenage girl was infected with HIV every 3 minutes last year
Unicef is warning that the HIV/Aids epidemic is far from over and teenage girls are bearing the brunt of the health crisis.
Robbie Keane scores, Cantona returns to Old Trafford but England win Soccer Aid on penalties
Neil from The Inbetweeners bagged the winning spot-kick as £5 million was raised for Unicef last night.
Unicef says 'world is failing newborns' as global baby mortality rates remain 'alarmingly high'
Ireland has ranked 164th in the global neonatal mortality rate.
Irish project helping to end child marriage in Nepal
10% of girls in Nepal are married by the age of 15 and 37% by the age of 18.
Children suffered a shocking scale of violence in conflict zones in 2017, Unicef warns
In conflicts around the world, children have become frontline, used as human shields, killed, maimed and recruited to fight.
Yemen is facing the worst cholera outbreak in the world
One quarter of the people who have died in this outbreak were children.
Ireland's teen suicide rate is the fourth highest in the EU
A new report suggests that the self-reporting of mental health issues among teenagers here is worryingly high.
'An industry built on human misery' - in an uncertain world people smugglers are making billions
The waves of desperate people slipping across international borders every year has created a massive moneymaking opportunity for unscrupulous human traffickers.
Maimed, killed, recruited as executioners - Violence against children in Syria at its worst in 2016
At least 652 children were killed last year – a 20% increase from 2015.
Explainer: Why tens of thousands face starvation in war-torn South Sudan
Famine was declared in the new African country on Monday, which has been embroiled in civil conflict for years.
How different is the story of someone fleeing Syria to that of a World War II refugee?
Harry and Ahmed tell their stories to Unicef.
Modern Slavery: How children in Dhaka are trying to escape from 12-hour workdays
Children in Dhaka can be expected to work long hours for little money to help support their families.
Girls spend 40% more time doing chores than boys, according to a new UN report
The UN children’s agency said the difference between the genders amounts to 160 million extra hours a day worldwide.
'Catastrophic': Up to 2m people without running water for four days in Aleppo
Temperatures in the city hit 40 degrees Celsius today.
"So many people died in the desert. We saw dead bodies, skeletons" - The horror stories of children seeking a new life
A new UNICEF report is highlighting the treacherous journeys of the world’s migrant and refugee children.
One-third of Irish children miss out on housing, heating and good meals
This data comes as part of a Unicef study into material deprivation across OECD countries.
Remember the boy with the plastic bag Messi shirt? His hero sent him the real deal to wear instead
Murtaza Ahmadi received signed jerseys from the Argentine star and still hopes to meet him.
The little kid with the plastic Messi jersey has finally gotten the real thing
The little kid with the plastic Messi jersey has finally gotten the real thing