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This man's obituary lists his cause of death as 'uppercut from Batman'

This has an unexpectedly brilliant opening paragraph.
Feb 23rd 2015, 4:00 PM 2,925 1

OF ALL THE ways to go, surely an uppercut from Batman is up there amongst the coolest and most badass causes of death.

Florida man Stephen Merrill, aged 31, passed away earlier this month and his obituary in The Ledger newspaper said that he died “due to a uppercut from Batman.”

Here it is in print:

With no definite cause of death, Merrill’s family and friends decided that the comic book fan would absolutely love this to be part of his own obituary.

According to WFTS in Florida, it was a unanimous decision from everyone close to him:

“I made a joke,” said [close friend Brandon] Moxam, “Say the cause of death was an ‘uppercut from Batman’.'”Moxam said everyone in the room including Merrill’s family, fiancée and close friends, all started laughing.  According to Moxam, that’s when Merrill’s dad, Larry Merrill, said, “Yeah, the cause of death was an uppercut from Batman.”

The family decided to go with it. Leaving us one of the funniest and most unexpected opening paragraphs to an obituary ever.

With Merrill’s family and friends describing his humour as “absurd”, you have to think he would have got a laugh out of this whole saga.

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