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# pounding the pavement
Hitting the road in the unpredictable urban/rural battleground of Cork North-Central
The constituency sees just two TDs seeking re-election, one of whom was elected only months ago.
'The gap in household income in Dublin versus rural Ireland is widening'
The government’s objective of delivering growth in rural areas still remains a challenge that remains to be overcome.
# ima let you finish but
Beyoncé only won an 'urban' Grammy last night - here's why that's a problem
I’mma let you finish but…
# pillows of cash
Don't get enough sleep? Try getting rich
It seems wealth has its privileges.
# rural affairs
Minister: 'Seriously, we haven't forgotten about rural Ireland'
Ann Phelan is travelling to Brussels today to meet with Phil Hogan.
# Poverty
One third of Irish population forced to go without basic necessities
A report this morning also warns that we will need to serious investment in healthcare facilities as the number of over 85s in Ireland will double by 2025.
# foxy
Foxes are in our cities but are they dangerous?
Here’s some advice on what to do and who to call if you see one in your area.
# nose pegs please
New York city has trees that smell like bad sex
What else can you call an odour that recalls a mixture of ‘rotting fish and semen’? Introducing the Bradford Pear tree.
# Urban Art
Meet some of the people helping to transform city streets
Can we change the streets of our city, wherever we are? These artists and business people say yes.
# Heart Disease
Heart disease risk in children as young as 10 - study
The study of children from a Dublin primary school showed that 16 had risk factors for cardiovascular disease, while six had high cholesterol.
# Tourism
“Disappointing” start to summer tourism season
Hotels have seen a disappointing start to the holiday season, with 50 per cent of hoteliers saying they are optimistic – less than last year.
# iNauseous
Video: Watch (if you can) a man embed magnets into skin to hold iPod
Not for the squeamish…
# built dublin
The hidden gems of Dublin architecture
Photographer and architecture graduate Lisa Cassidy spots the “beautiful, interesting, important or strange” in Dublin’s buildings and public spaces.
# Dublin
Most people recommend Dublin for visit - but only a third feel safe there at night
Findings from Your Dublin, Your Voice survey shows the capital is considered a very vibrant place – but the public have some interesting suggestions to make it even better…
# bad planning
The 9 worst councils in Ireland's planning system
An Taisce has rated planning systems in 34 city and county councils. Nine of them got an ‘F’ grade.
# Census 2011
All the single ladies: those in urban areas more likely to be unmarried
Altogether, there are 1.5 million single people living in Ireland.
# Work Can Wait
The burning question*: Is this a 'press' or a 'cupboard'?
This and every Monday, let distract you from the ‘serious’ news with one of life’s REAL dilemmas. (*not really)
# Cycling
Cyclists want cycle lane scheme halted
Lobby group explains why Government’s plan to spend €4m on cycle and walking paths outside Dublin is “a poor use of public money”…