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Amy Klobuchar ends Democratic presidential campaign and endorses Joe Biden
Klobuchar is due to appear with Biden at his rally in Dallas, Texas tonight.
Larry Donnelly: Can Joe Biden – or anyone else – stop Bernie Sanders?
It’s looking like Sanders versus Bloomberg for the Democratic National Convention in July, writes Larry Donnelly.
Bernie Sanders under attack in Democratic debate ahead of 'Super Tuesday'
Bernie Sanders is leading the race to become the Democrat candidate.
Opinion: Bernie can beat Trump, he's the only one who can
Sanders’ centrist critics deliberately miss the point of his appeal, writes Conor Kenny.
What are the Iowa caucuses and why do they matter?
Democrats in the US are choosing their election candidate to take on Trump.
Larry Donnelly: Trump re-election in 2020 not a done deal, but Democrats face an uphill battle
The Democrats bowed to pressure on impeachment, but will it make a difference to the 2020 result?
Leaked Biden plan shows threat of sanctions against Ireland and others over corporate tax
Ireland has come under pressure in recent years to address its corporate tax rates for multinationals, but insists it has taken major steps to improve the system.
The Candidate: Listen to our special edition podcast for the US midterms
Let us explain what’s happening on the other side of the ocean.
Hillary Clinton's top aide announces divorce after husband's 'sexting' affair
Huma Abedin’s husband sent shirtless photos of himself to another woman while his four-year-old son slept by his side.
Trump defends both sides of the Black Lives Matter protests, says he 'will reject bigotry' as president
In a statement, he said he was behind the African-American community – but also defended the police force.
Enda's take on Donald Trump? 'Racist and dangerous'
But “the world will have to deal with their decision” if he is elected, the Taoiseach said.
National poll shows Trump closing the gap on Hillary Clinton
Eight in 10 think leaders of the Republican Party should support Donald Trump even if they disagree with him on important issues.
Bernie Sanders wins in West Virginia while Trump cruises to victory in two more states
The 74-year-old Vermont senator has mounted an unyielding come-from-behind.
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had a seriously heated debate last night
The two went at each other in front of a packed crowd in Brooklyn.
They're best of enemies on the trail - but years ago Hillary and Trump were (almost) friends
Clinton was a guest at one of Trump’s weddings – and he even donated to her campaign.
Donald Trump took a massive gamble in Atlantic City ... it didn't pay off
The businessman-turned-politician once employed thousands in the resort town.
The latest attack ad targeting Ted Cruz is pretty terrifying
Who backs Donald? Profile of a core Trump supporter
His most enthusiastic supporters are mainly white and lack college education.
"The most interesting man in politics" just quit the race for the White House
We’re down to ten hopefuls on the Republican side.
Iowa's extremely confusing system for picking White House hopefuls, explained
After months of controversy and debate, the race for the White House starts for real today.
Donald Trump's pulling out of the last Republican debate - because this woman's involved...
The billionaire dismissed the Fox host as a “third-rate reporter” who is bad at her job.
Trump goes to church, gets a sermon on Syrian refugees and Mexican migrants
Trump’s campaign invited several reporters to observe the Iowa ceremony.
WATCH: Donald Trump's blistering nine-minute tirade against his biggest rival
Trump comparing the self-confessed ‘pathological temper’ of Ben Carson to that of child molesters.
'Prostitutes over patriots': This is the most savage political attack ad you will ever see
No qualms.
Explainer: Why everyone is arguing about Planned Parenthood in America
And how a series of videos could end up shutting down the entire US government.
WATCH: The 5 craziest moments from last night's US Presidential debate
Things got seriously heated in Cleveland last night.
In case you didn't hear her the first time, Hillary Clinton is launching her campaign again
Because you can never have too many campaign launches.
Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney is fighting Evander Holyfield
To be fair, he’s taken a few beatings before…
Meet Vermin Supreme, and the other 274 candidates for US president
What do a former male stripper, a “friendly Fascist”, someone’s rear end, and Hillary Clinton all have in common?
Irish-American 'underdog' elected mayor of Boston
Meanwhile, Bill de Blasio was elected the first Democrat mayor of New York City in 24 years.
Column: How Obama’s policies may hurt investment in Ireland
Ireland’s foreign direct investment is at risk under Obama’s tax proposals. We should be worried, writes Dr Tom Flavin.
Want to win a gun? Georgia sports store says: 'Just vote'
A store near Atlanta has raised legal eyebrows – because its promotion could be seen as an enticement to vote.
The Daily Fix: Sunday
Back and forth on the treaty debate, pregnant girl turned away from Munster school and a round up of the rest of the day’s news…
Hillary rules out future bids at US presidency
America is ready for a female Commander-in-Chief, says the Secretary of State – but it won’t be her.
Palin fuels more presidential rumours with Iowa trip
The former VP candidate will be the main speaker at a fundraising dinner in the state that kicks off the primaries.
Callely trip for US elections off the cards
Government chief whip rules out Callely’s nomination for travel.