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7 perfect reactions This Morning's live vagina facial

Philip Schofield’s face though.

vag Source: ITV

THIS MORNING A vagina facial, or ‘vagacial’ was performed live on This Morning.

Three older ladies  volunteered to have their lady gardens rejuvenated by matchmaker and vagacial expert Lisa Palmer, who pointed out that many of her clients have “dry sagging vaginas” that need a bit of sprucing up.

Here are some more the revelations from this morning’s event:

When I was dating my first ‘cub’ or younger man I looked downstairs to realise it was bit wrinkly and dry compared to when I was younger.
I’m 41 and younger men say I have the vagina of a 25-year-old.
He awoke a long forgotten art inside me (one woman speaking about her 30-year-old partner).

Not forgetting, of course, Philip Schofield referring to a:

…shambolic downstairs.

A vagina facial, by the way, involves – among other things – a potion of Vitamin E, coconut oil, honey and egg white, and some ‘steaming’.

Even better than Palmer’s bombshells about the vagina facial, have been the reactions, both in studio and online.

Come back Eamonn (and cakes). All is forgiven

We feel you Phil

“How do you steam it?”

We really feel you Phil.



Now is not a time for semantics @DelStrainComedy

Will nobody think of John Logie Baird?

Once more with feeling Philip



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