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This year
€14.58 daily charge introduced for some vehicles as London becomes largest pollution charging area
People who drive in the zone in a vehicle that does not meet minimum emissions standards are required to pay the daily fee or risk a €210 fine.
Last year
Electric vehicle recharging infrastructure must be installed in new homes under new regulations
There are currently over 45,000 electric vehicles registered on Irish roads.
Gardaí appeal for information on two vehicles related to Tallaght shooting
A white Ford Transit Connect was burnt out in Clondalkin shortly after the shooting
All time
Motorists taking NCT will have to return at a later date to complete test and receive full certificate
If stopped by gardaí without a full NCT certificate, motorists are urged to show gardaí a report issued to them by the NCTS.
'They will try every door': One third of all cars broken into in residential areas left unlocked
Gardaí estimate that over €30 million worth of items has been stolen from vehicles since January 2016.
Opinion: 'It doesn’t make sense to allow dirty diesels from the last century to travel on inner-city streets'
Green Party MEP Ciarán Cuffe believes that we need to restrict the amount of vehicles entering Dublin every morning – as “our lives depend on it”.
Cars sold in Ireland included in recall of 312,000 BMW vehicles
The affected models are BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, Z4 and X1 petrol and diesel models made between March 2007 and August 2011.
Cars, cash and jewellery seized in CAB raids targeting Dublin gang
Some 46 cars were seized when 20 premises were raided this morning.
UK forces over-stretched and under pressure in Iraq and Afghanistan
The report sets out the challenges faced by British troops.
Driver fined €25,000 in M50 toll-dodging crackdown
Transport Infrastructure Ireland are taking a new hardline stance on those who don’t pay their tolls, including the seizure of offenders’ cars.
Owners of self-driving cars may need illegal distractions to stop them nodding off
A study in the US found people were less likely to fall asleep behind the wheel if they were watching a screen with moving images.
Gardaí are getting hundreds of new cars, did your station get any?
Nearly €29 million has been invested in new Garda vehicles since 2012.
Volkswagen is going to pay out billions over dirty diesel vehicles
Around €6.5 billion, to be precise.
Minister defends plan to take the cars out of the centre of Dublin
It has been proposed that much of the centre of Dublin could be closed off to cars.
More than 25,000 Renaults have been recalled because of a braking issue
A spokesperson for the company has said that it is not a “stop driving your car immediately” issue.
Apple is going to send a fleet of vehicles to drive around Dublin soon
The vehicles will collect data to help improve Apple Maps, and could result in it launching its own version of Google Street View.
An ambulance broke down during an emergency once every 33 days last year
There were 48 total breakdowns overall.
370 new cars and vans are on their way to the gardaí
Hyundais, Fords and Fiats top the shopping list.
Over 96,000 new cars were sold in Ireland last year
Could sales break through the 100,000 mark in 2015?
Over 300 new Garda cars were bought this year, so who got them?
The vehicles cost €7 million.
Volkswagen recalls 1,256 cars in Ireland
If you have a Volkswagen Polo 1,2 TDI, you should definitely read this.
"An absolute disgrace" - Hauliers hit back at criticism of Monday's blockade
The Irish Road Haulage Association has responded to criticism from Freight Transport Association Ireland over yesterday’s blockade action.
Ever been clamped? The process is set to be overhauled
A new Bill seeks to regulate release fees and introduce a complaints process.
A LOT of new cars have been bought in Ireland this year
Over 20,000 more new cars have been bought in Ireland so far this year, compared with 2013.
48 ambulances have over 400,000km on the clock
Garda vehicles retire at 300,000 kilometres.
July sees big jump in licensing of new vehicles in Ireland
Over 76,300 new private cars were licensed in the first seven months of this year.
Two arrested after stolen vehicles discovered
The operation was carried out in the North Louth area.
These cars were bought with fake bank drafts and sold on to unsuspecting buyers
Gardaí said there is a nationwide scam with perpetrators using marketplace sites to buy the cars and then sell them on for cash. One person lost €40,000 last year.
How should the driving test be changed?
The Road Safety Authority wants your input.
New car sales up 28 per cent as market continues to speed ahead
Almost 58,000 new cars have been sold so far this year.
Connected cars expected to arrive on European roads in 2015
The EC has confirmed that guidelines for connected cars, which will alert drivers to traffic jams and accidents, have been adopted and issued.
46 people killed in workplace accidents last year
The HSA said it was particularly concerned about the deaths of four children on farms in 2013.
Legislation to regulate vehicle clamping to be published early 2014
The new provisions will establish an independent appeals process.
Watch: Company brings vehicles to a halt using only electromagnetic waves
The RF safe stop system uses radio frequency pulse to ‘confuse’ a vehicle’s electronic system, cutting the engine and bringing it to a standstill.
Column: Our proposal for Budget 2014? Swappage.
The scrappage scheme worked but only provided a once-off (though welcome) boost to both car sales and tax revenues. Swappage is focused on longer term benefits, writes Alan Nolan.
Increase of 17% in new private cars licensed in September
Volkswagen was the most popular make of new vehicle licensed in September.
Hauliers to use toll roads for free in November
The toll on four roads – the M1, M3, M6 and the Limerick Tunnel – will be lifted in November to see if it reduces the number of trucks using regional roads.
Four due in Swords court over stolen cars
Vehicles and car parts were seized on Balbriggan on Friday after a spate of burglaries.
Dozens in hospital after Norway tunnel fire
A firefighter said that it was “pure luck” that no one has died.
Here's how the 132 number plate did in its first 13 days
What’s the most popular car brand – and what was the first car to have a 132 plate? We have all the details.