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This year
Venus will be visible next to the moon tonight
Venus, which was also visible last night, will look like a small bright star to the right of the moon.
All time
Life could exist in Jupiter's clouds, according to Belfast scientists
The concentration of water vapour in the clouds may be enough to sustain life.
Nasa to send two robotic missions to Venus
Earth’s closest neighbour is also the solar system’s hottest planet.
QUIZ: How much do you know about the planet Venus?
Scientists made a new discovery in the clouds of Venus recently…
Detection of phosphine in Venus’ clouds ‘indicates potential for life’
The gas has been detected in the atmosphere of Venus, suggesting the planet could host unknown photochemical or geochemical processes.
The planet Venus will be getting very close to us tonight
You don’t need a telescope for this one.
Venus, Jupiter and Mars to create triangle spectacle tomorrow morning
The spectacle, which has occurred every morning this weekend, looks like bright stars.
Look up! We'll be able to see a cyanide-releasing green comet today
Comet Jacques will be visible in the skies over Ireland this weekend, emitting a green cyanide trail.
Men try desperately to understand women's beauty secrets
Step one: foundation. Step two: make up.
Column: Why is Pluto not a planet?
Most of us grew up learning that there were nine planets in the Solar System. But why did Pluto get demoted? Conor Farrell explains how our understanding of the icy body changed.
VIDEO: Venus passes in front of the sun for the last time before 2117
The ‘Transit of Venus’ occurs in pairs, and won’t be seen again this century – but NASA, thankfully, took this video.
Astronomers gear up for rare Venus Transit solar event
Next time Venus can be seen travelling across the face of the Sun will be in 2117.
Extraordinary Photo of Venus Crossing the Sun of the Day
The transit of the planet Venus across the face of the sun is an almost once in a lifetime event that was captured back in 2004 and will be visible again this coming week.
Bright stars: What to see in the sky tonight
Jupiter, Venus and a thin slice of crescent moon to be highly visible at 8.30pm.
Russia plans to send man to the Moon
As part of a newly unveiled 18-year plan, Russia will send probes to Mars, Jupiter and Venus and a human team to the surface of the Moon.
'Double Planet' in the skies tonight, as Venus and Jupiter blaze together
The brightest and second-brightest planets in the sky will come extremely close to one other tonight – and it will all be visible with the naked eye.
Northern Lights might be visible over Ireland tonight
There may be lots of activity in the skies tonight, thanks to solar flare activity – here’s your guide on what to look out for.
Planets to align over Ireland after sunset tonight
Keep an eye on the skies tonight as Venus, Jupiter and Mercury are set to align with the moon this evening.
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Jupiter and Venus on view for Irish astronomers
Meanwhile, NASA has released its first footage of the far side of the Moon…
Venus Williams pulls out of Australian Open
Venus Williams says that she hopes to return to competitive action next month after announcing her withdrawal from the season’s first Grand Slam.
Newly-discovered 'roasted' planets may provide clues about Earth's future demise
The two Earth-sized planets were discovered by a NASA team in the Kepler-20 star system.
The Top 7 Silvio moments
The man who made bunga bunga famous – and six other memorable moments from Berlusconi’s career.
Penis envy? Berlusconi slammed for replacing statue body parts
What is it about the male appendage that keeps getting the Italian PM in such hot water?