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# Safety First
Relying on texts to help protect your accounts is no longer a good idea
You really should be using two-step authentication, but it’s best to switch to apps dedicated to the task if you haven’t already.
# Security
Why you should be using two-step verification for all your accounts
One of the best ways to keep your accounts safe only requires a phone that can receive SMS messages.
# Gamble
Explainer: Why has Getty Images made 35 million images free to use?
The media site is allowing everyone to embed its images onto their sites for free, but what does it gain from such a move?
# social ID
Anti-fraud startup does away with bills (at least for ID purposes)
Cork-based startup Trustev, which prevents online fraud by using your social media accounts, is bringing the same verification process to physical stores.
# Hoax
Here's how you can tell whether an image is real or fake
If an image looks too amazing to be true, chances are it probably is.
# verification
23 of the most common Roy Keane clich├ęs deconstructed
Will he really ‘get the best out of’ the Irish players? Can he be regarded as ‘a failed manager’?