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Victoria's Secret cancels annual fashion show after dwindling ratings and criticism
Parent company L Brands has said it’s time for the brand to “evolve”.
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17 behind-the-scenes pics from the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2018
Oh my God Kendall Jenner does her own mascara.
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Drag Race's Adore Delano shouted 'tiocfaidh ar la' on stage during her Dublin gig last night
Well, that was unexpected.
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Victoria's Secret could learn a thing or two from this ad for tights using fruit
Because bodywear is for *every* body
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Here's your first look inside Dublin's swanky new Victoria's Secret store
Knickers! Bras! PINK!
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13 behind-the-scenes Instagrams from the 2017 Victoria's Secret Fashion show
Long limbs everywhere.
# Victoria's secret
This year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in China is turning into a big old mess
Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry were denied visas, and staff are said to be “on the verge of a nervous breakdown.” Eeek.
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Victoria's Secret have officially confirmed the opening date for the Grafton Street store
Get excited.
# angels and demons
8 alternative angels for the Victoria's Secret fashion show
The Hadids can get the boat TBH.
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The first hint of Dublin's huge new Victoria's Secret store has appeared on Grafton Street
Hold onto your knickers!
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11 important things that happened at last night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Lady Gaga, crystal bras and that run-in between Bella Hadid and The Weeknd.
Victoria's Secret have outdone themselves with these Paddy's Day pants
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This mother found a clever way to hit back at critics of her breastfeeding photos
“I bet this won’t be reported because you can see this picture in every mall you step into.”
# what a boob
This mam found a clever way to hit back at critics of her breastfeeding photos
“I bet this won’t be reported, because you can see this picture in every mall you step into.”
# it's a secret
Is Victoria's Secret about to replace BT2 on Grafton Street?
Currently BT2 occupies a prime location on the south Dublin shopping street.
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Here's why Victoria's Secret coming to Dublin is a gamechanger for Irish gals
# top dollar
The 19 richest models in the world - and how much cash they make
It’s a lucrative business is being really, really, really, really, really good looking.
# this is stupid
This Victoria Secret model had a great response when asked what she would eat after the show
Reporter status: burned.
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15 behind-the-scenes Instagrams from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show
It looked like serious craic.
# bad retouch
Victoria's Secret came under fire for this photo — and it highlights a big problem for the business
“What a strange picture. Certainly not normal looking and the touching up is very obvious. Why?”
# oi cheeky
Victoria's Secret is being slammed for this Photoshop hatchet job
Bye bye bum cheek!
# squad goals
Your essential guide to Taylor Swift's clatter of supermodel mates
They’re everyone’s #squadgoals, but who exactly is in the squad?
# scariana grande
Ariana Grande's cringing face just became the internet's favourite new meme
The popstar had an unfortunate run in with a model at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The internet rejoiced.
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Pics: Hozier with Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Plus a load of lingerie models. He’s really hit the big leagues now.
# in their pelt
How everyone feels watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
We bet they have fat days too.
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Hozier will perform at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Lucky for some.
# Body Image
Victoria's Secret change 'damaging' Perfect Body campaign after online backlash
A petition was signed by over 27,000.
# well hidden secret
Victoria's Secret has finally opened in Dublin Airport... behind security
The US lingerie giant has arrived in Ireland… but you need to be leaving to shop there.
# Undies
Meet the $10million bra, and other completely unwearable underwear
Plus all the bizarre stuff that happened at the Victoria’s Secret ‘fashion show’.
# New York
Teenage girl found carrying foetus around Manhattan lingerie store
NYPD officials say that the girl claimed to have given birth the day before and “didn’t know what to do” with the remains.
# is this real life?
This is what a $10 million bra looks like
The Victoria’s Secret ‘Fantasy’ bra is just that.
# Mrs president
Meet Victoria's Secret's new president... Irish mum of two from Kildare
Margaret McDonald from Athy is set to move to Columbus, Ohio to take up her new role as president of the lingerie brand.
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STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING! The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show has happened
Rihanna, Justin Bieber and beautiful girls in their smalls…