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VIDEO: iPhone emojis in real life are kind of amazing

You will never iMessage the same way again.
Feb 26th 2013, 10:35 AM 11,225 17

IF YOU HAVE an iPhone, chances are you are obsessed with emojis.

Sometimes you can convey your disgust over the events of last night’s Eastenders far more accurately with cartoon faces then words.

American comedy writer Molly Mulshine has written and directed a video that acts out an emoji conversation in real life.

It starts out fairly fun but soon becomes a a jumble of increasingly silly / amazing emojis. Just like when you text your friends.

We were inspired by Mulshine’s video to compare some of the key emojis used and see how the stack up against their real life equivalent.

First there’s the “distraught” emoji

The “feeling cool in my sunglasses, oh yeah” emoji

That scary purple devil one

The ones of the lady doing funny things with her arms

The ones of the monkey that everyone loves:

Those amazing dancing ones

And this one that we still find a bit scary:

All emoji screen grabs  by Conor Behan / video grabs via Molly Mulshine /YouTube

There are many more in the video itself. Safe to say you'll never look at emojis the same way again.

Molly Mulshine / YouTube

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