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Well, horse: Here's slang from seven different Irish counties, translated

Take her handy.
Apr 28th 2013, 6:46 PM 47,287 68

YOU MAY REMEMBER this video from February which showed some of the more memorable phrases of Dublin slang, translated for newbies (or anyone who had ever wondered what exactly a ‘miserable article’ was).

Filmmaker Jenny Keogh has followed up that first video with this rather lovely 2 minute piece which collects words and phrases from seven different counties in Ireland and offers a translation.

Keogh has set up a Fundit crowdfunding campaign to tray to raise €16,500 to make a full film show the unique slang found all around Ireland, and is asking people to email words and phrases to her to add to the database.

Got any suggestions for good slang from your county? Tell us about it in the comments below – and take her handy.

(Video: Jenny Keogh/YouTube)

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