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VIDEO: Ostrich racing commentator is really trying very hard

“Look at these dirty birds run!”
Jul 25th 2012, 8:30 PM 3,970 7


WE REALLY DON’T know what to say about this video, other than that it’s a film of men riding ostriches at a racecourse, narrated by a man with a colourful love of language.

Marvel as the jockeys ride giant birds. Squirm during the awkward post-race interview with a child. Wait patiently as the commentator pauses for long periods while he thinks of bird puns.

And did we mention the on-ostrich camera (we like to think of it simply as OstrichCam) at the end?

“One might fly in the crowd, start peckin’!” the commentator helpfully observes at one stage, before musing at another “Look at that two-legged terrorist.” Really brings it to life, doesn’t it?

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Michael Freeman


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