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Woman gets knocked over by power of jet
Woman gets knocked over by power of jet
Image: (Via YouTube/LinkSxm)

VIDEO: Why you should never take on a jet plane...

Never go up against a jet plane. You WILL lose.
Apr 10th 2012, 4:43 PM 7,130 16

IT MIGHT HAVE seemed a good idea at the time but this was never going to end well.

This young woman decided to stand at the back end of a jet as it took off from an aircraft runway at Maho Beach on the Caribbean island of St Maarten on 4 April last. Naturally, she loses her grip on the wire fence separating her from the engines and takes what looks like a very painful bang on the head. (At the end of the video, she’s seem sitting up and giving details to a police officer so we presume she’s recovered…)

(Via YouTube/LinkSxm)

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